Life With Unending Pleasure

laitman_276_01Question: Let’s try to translate concepts about money that are rooted in society to a new level of thinking. For example: “Money runs the world.”

Answer: I would say that it is not money but want, desire, and need that run the world. Money only covers the desire and even eliminates it by fulfilling it. After I fulfill my desire with the help of money, I don’t feel good. Once again I must want something, yearn for it again.

What is the pleasure that is most attractive to me? It is in connection and unity with society. The pleasure there is not only attractive but also endless; it only continues to grow. This is what is special about fulfillment from the environment in comparison to all other fulfillments.

Question: Another old concept: “Money buys everything.”

Answer: That’s right. In our world money buys everything except health, loyalty, dedication, and dominance over the angel of death. To transfer this concept to the new thinking, it will be necessary to rise to another level of explanation. If instead of with money, I cover the needs and deficiencies in my relationship, then this is true loyalty and devotion.

Thanks to new attitudes, love is developed, the same needs and fulfillments that were hidden by money and never fulfilled. For these needs are relevant to loyalty, love, and freedom from the angel of death.

Comment: “Money gives us freedom, making it possible to be independent.”

Answer: We don’t acquire independence by being able to fulfill all of our constantly changing deficiencies. I am free only when I am found above the deficiencies and not within them. This is called the right-coated screen.

If I own a bank and everything that I want I cover with money, I am not free because I am always engaged in this activity: covering my needs with money. But if I am found above my deficiencies so that I don’t feel them, I also have no need for money.

Question: I don’t need anything?

Answer: If I am above the desire to receive, let’s say in a society in which everyone is connected together and supplies each other with everything necessary, then I don’t live in my deficiencies but in the deficiencies of the society. In this case, I don’t feel that I lack the money to fulfill myself. I fulfill others, and the others fulfill me.

If we live like this, then I don’t feel want because I am found above it. I care about everyone and everyone cares about me; in this way I feel that I am free. And everyone feels themselves free because they are concerned about everyone. So we don’t live under the pressure of want, and we are truly free.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 9/2/14

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