Happiness For Money?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The emergence of money in our world is not accidental. What is its impact on our development?

Answer: Money means the ability to cover desires. At some time in history, we used a variety of substances for this such as golden sand, coins, and other materials.

Recently, humanity has had a critical attitude to the ability to cover its desires. We see that we cannot satisfy our needs in terms of the environment; the Earth just cannot withstand our extravagance.

We have created too many artificial needs for which there is no necessity. The planet is not able to provide every luxury and so many power plants. It is like the owner of the field consuming all his harvest, leaving nothing for the new crop. He used all his fixed assets and the following year died of starvation.

In human society, we have such a monetary problem we cannot cope with it. We need to change this process and play into something less threatening.

Of course, man cannot live without his needs for development. A person receives his needs from childhood. Growing up, he looks at the people around them. The desire to be like them creates needs, which advances him in life. If we organize an environment that develops not material desires, then we will constantly have needs and their fulfillment.

We will develop, strive forward, and hopefully enjoy attainment and grieve its absence. We will not remain at the animate level and our advancement will be in the area where we are able to develop needs without threatening our physical life.

What needs can we develop that have no end? It is written simply: “Go and make money from each other.” In addition to the interpretation on the material level, this proposal could be understood so that we can create new needs in the area of various kinds of connection between us. These connections will produce new needs, and we, like in a mosaic, will constantly create new forms of their combinations.

As these needs will consist of many individual desires, then we will have to fulfill them together. Our lives will become a collective game of establishing needs and fulfilling them. It will be literally endless among 7 billion people. We will never be disappointed in that because everyone will always have an opportunity to be hungry and be filled again.

We become included in the internal, hidden layers of nature and through the connections between us, begin to feel what is happening inside us. This is in fact, a true pleasure because a person is created for these internal layers, and that is why attaining them gives him true fulfillment.

Then his connections with other people in order to achieve these fulfillments is called real money. After a long historical development, we finally come to this true covering, a collective screen, with which we will really be able to cover all our needs.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 10/11/12

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