When All Boundaries Are Broken

laitman_220Question: Animals have a natural sense, an instinct, that helps them survive. Why don’t we have such healthy instincts that could bring us to prosperity and growth in life?

Answer: In general, man does not calculate, rather immediately surrenders and does what the desire demands. He has no choice: I want! And that’s all.

Question: Can we, knowing in advance that the desires are managing us, overcome this situation?

Answer: In the end, no. The only thing we can do is perform special exercises in order to create a habit to overcome one desire with another desire, that is all.

Let’s say, a mother says to a child: Do your homework and then I’ll buy you an ice cream. He calculates that instead of punishment he can get a reward, and he does his homework. A calculation is operating, but the desire compels: I want a reward without work or effort from my side. I do not want to do homework and receive ice cream, but not having a choice, I do it. And then I even hate homework more because I can’t get rid of it.

Actually, we don’t have a choice, because we can’t stand against our desire. Only fear, and only to a certain level, helps a person keep himself in the correct attitude. This is called education by means of morality: We tell the children how we will suffer if we are dragged by our desires.

This system creates many problems. By limiting and frightening a person, we make him a machine that acts only from fear.

Question: Could it be that this framework protects the person?

Answer: The moral prohibition and fear of losing the reward in the next world maintains a person, but it is only if their desire to receive is not big. But because today this desire grows from day to day, religion and morals can’t keep us in the framework. And we do all we want in following our desires in all areas: in food, sex, family, and relationships in society.

This openness is perceived now as the norm: So it is conducted like that, there are no longer any boundaries. In such a case, a person needs to check: Is this better for him or worse? Before he was under the pressure of society, which limited him, as say a traditional English education, and now he feels good living the way he wants. Nevertheless, we see that he is still not happy.

Question: What is the next step?

Answer: The values and mutual support that man receives from society. Therefore, it is necessary to bring him to a mutual connection with the environment. In this mutual connection he will be able to clarify norms that are needed to achieve what is desired.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 11/7/14

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