Before Dawn

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe are very close to correction now. In fact we are already implementing it in practice.

So why does humanity seem more egoistic now? Why don’t we see the outcome of our efforts?

The point is that people don’t have a reason to change for the better yet. The general egoistic desire continues to develop and has not reached its correction yet. On the contrary, it becomes worse from day to day.

Here we have to explain the phase that precedes correction.

If a person’s desire were small, he wouldn’t think about anything but food, water, and sleep. As one’s desire grows, he yearns to get to know the world better, to see new places, to sail the oceans, etc., then he wants to go out to space and to explore the stars, to penetrate the atom and to study it; when the desire grows even more, a person begins to look inside himself: “What is happening to me? Will everything come to an end when I die? Is there something else behind this ‘curtain’?” What his senses can perceive is not enough for him now and he wants to rise above them and find out if there is something before and after what he perceives.

All this stems from our desire. As we develop, it keeps on growing until some people begin to yearn for and want to know what they are living for, and what the point in life is, what happens to them and to the world, what is beyond their existence, and which force operates them. A person feels that there is a certain force and he wants to know it, to open the “box” of this world and to penetrate its secrets, to discover the secret of life and its meaning.

In the past very few were interested in these questions, but today there are millions who are interested in them and so they reach the wisdom of Kabbalah. No other method can satisfy them. No hobbies, no religion, and no other method can provide the answer. The desire itself obliges them to reach the wisdom of Kabbalah as it develops.

Our world is sinking into deep darkness. The reason is that when the desire develops and doesn’t receive a filling, life seems dark.
From the One America “Virtual Convention” Day One 11/16/13, Lesson 1

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  1. Life as people do not know it, is only good – :-)……..The Light is giving more light to everybody…..

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