Life Is Good If You Know Its Meaning

Dr. Michael LaitmanThere is only one means to reach the goal of creation—the science of Kabbalah. Any other goal that appears in this world can be achieved by using our forces. But we do not have the force to attain the goal of creation; we have no possibility of understanding it. We are not designed originally to be able to see the goal and reach it.

But there is a state inherent in the process of our development in which we feel bad without achieving the goal of creation even in our normal life on earth, as if it is not related to the higher goal. However, we exist in the material world to rise out of it and reach the goal of creation.

So, there comes a stage in our development when we suddenly feel that it is enough, we can no longer continue like that, and it is necessary to find the meaning of life. From this moment, a person begins to search for this meaning.

This question awakens in individuals and in entire groups or even in the whole world. Of course, this was facilitated by blows that people feel as suffering according to their current perception, meaning average worldly problems with food, family, money, respect, and knowledge.

A person feels a lack of fulfillment in these earthly desires, which cannot be satisfied with anything, and thus he starts crying: “What is the meaning of my life?” He loses the taste of his existence so much that he does not understand why he needs this life if he does not reach the goal.

Then, he comes to the need to realize the method of Kabbalah to achieve the goal of creation. So, the entire material life of humanity aspires to one goal.

To some it comes earlier, to others later, according to a specific process, depending on the root of each soul. But sooner or later, everyone must come to this goal, changing his nature so that all our egoistic desires diminish to the level of basic necessities.

This material level is neither condemned nor praised because a person satisfies these basic needs in order to exist for the realization of spiritual purpose. And all the available forces he will devote to the achievement of this higher goal.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/13/12, Introduction to the Study of the Ten Sefirot 

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