To Be Alert, And Not Just Exist Through The Power Of Inertia!

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: There exists a theory according to which it is possible to reduce the population of the earth to 500 thousand people and then everything will correct itself apparently. How would this happen?

Answer: Reduction of the population can happen as you want, through biological means (viruses, vaccines, and so forth) or as a result of atomic weapons that everyone has today, like a club in the hands of a wild man. However, the complete annihilation of humanity will not come into the calculation because this is against the laws of nature. We are found in a framework of a structure and hierarchy that is organized precisely. It’s not human but natural: A goal was established and a program was activated.

The one thing that we can do in the present stage is to learn from nature by discovering its program. Then we will feel better and develop in harmony with it. The idea is that the essential and most basic law of nature is the law of equivalence of form with it. Equivalence! If I am equal to some law or phenomenon and I don’t conflict with it, then I pass to another more blessed sphere or state.

Therefore, what is imperative for us now is to learn and to explore nature. Which discoveries will be made in it? Why is it leading us to integrality, mutual connection of all with all? For what are we developing our desires? What requirements are there for humans and why do they vary like this? How and why does our egoistic nature push us backward? What does nature want to show us according to the law of integrality, according to the law of equivalence? What do we need to strive for?

If we learn all this, then we reach the conclusion that we must be released from our ego. On this subject there has already been a lot of research, not just conducted by good people with good intentions, but tough researchers who discovered this knowledge through research and who understand that it’s impossible to go any other way.

Therefore, we need to create an integral method, a system of integral education. And all humans,  school and college students, the old and the unemployed, workers and housewives will pass through this system. We don’t need to think that in the future humanity will be left without work. It will be constantly occupied with self-improvement, and this will be its work.

Today in the labor market millions of people are discharged, so let’s attract them to the lessons. They must learn, be tested! Pass the monthly test, get a scholarship. Don’t call it unemployment, it’s a scholarship! You are learning and with this you are making a great investment in humanity, this is your work.

Accordingly, the person is changed inside. He enters a system that teaches him about what nature, history, his personal development, the history of human development, the psychology of the person and society are. This is to say, this is how we investigate nature from within us. All the “tools” are given to a person so that in this life he will see and will not exist by inertia: work – family, this is everything.

In the end a person needs to understand that he is part of that great system and if he is found in balance within it, he gains perfection, harmony, the feeling of an infinitely perfect life. Infinite! He departs from the framework of the beastly body.
From KabTV’s “Through Time” 3/17/13

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