“Love – A Dangerous Disease”

Laitman_183_04In the News (svit24.net): “A group of British researchers have conducted a longitudinal study the behavior of the body and a man in love. The findings of science have been disappointing. It turns out that love – a disease that causes serious damage to human health.

“Professor Martin Cowie says that when a person is in love, he experiences a storm of emotions. This is detrimental to his health and eventually ends in a whole bunch of diseases. This starts from the fact that the body is under the influence of a person in love and the emotions produce quite pronounced physical manifestations. During this period, scientists say, a great amount of adrenaline is produced, which in turn negatively affects the human body.

“It is known that a large number of diseases are caused by stress. Professor Cowie says that these diseases are the result of processes that are similar to changes in the body of a man in love. Most interesting is that when people are in love they do not adequately recognize that their health has deteriorated. The euphoria of the state of happiness overrides common sense. As a result, signs of the disease can even be similar to symptoms of the flu.

“When someone in love breaks with the object of their affection (their second ‘half’), they perceive it as a tragedy that sometimes can be even fatal.”

Comment: In fact, it is possible to say completely opposite things about love. In this world, love is the strongest egotistic shock, the highest selfish desire that “seizes” a person and tightly holds him until he gets “light-headed” or loses his mind.

Love expands our selfish desires and at the same time restricts itself only to them. But if it is real, altruistic love not for “our own sake,” but the kind of love that is directed to others without taking account of ourselves, then it does not limit a person, but instead opens new dimensions that are “outside” us, and these people attain the external world.

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