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Democracy And Monarchy

laitman_556The four legions match four legions of angels. The legion of Judah represented the celestial legion that is led by the angel Gabriel.

The angels are the forces of nature. If, for example, we let go of a glass of water in the air, it will fall to the ground, which means that there is an angel that pulls this glass to the ground.

When we integrate everything according to what the Torah commands we can reveal the four forces that sustain a person in the right integration between them. The result of the right connection of all the 12 tribes of the Israel nation is the revelation of the four major forces: Hochma, Bina, Zeir Anpin, and Malchut, the four angels, the four pillars, that hold everything together and lead us forward in a rigid but just manner.

This is tremendous pressure since everything is aimed at our precise development. Spiritual laws are not democratic at all. Their revelation obligates a person to exert himself to a certain measure; therefore, every law is accompanied by a tough force and at the same time by correction. There is no democracy here. Democracy is a concept that was invented in order to get rid of the imperial dominion. But a monarchy, propped up by Kabbalists is the best and most reliable.

The spiritual worlds were created so that there is only one force from above, the king of the world and everything else is subordinate to Him. It should be the same in the corporeal world. I don’t see any positive changes in the world since the monarchs have disappeared. A king is responsible for his state and for his people. They are his subjects so he thinks and cares about them. In a democracy, however, it is just about looting the state where every politician pulls the blanket to his side, wanting to bury all the others.

In the time of monarchies, both the leadership and the state treasury were more efficient. If the king had the support of the sages, everything was aimed at the benefit of the state. All the kings of Judea had a council of sages by their side, the Sanhedrin. Besides, there were always prophets that blessed them and the state. We can read about this in the “Book of Kings.”

When we speak about spiritual roots that are fulfilled in our world, we should mention that the king had to keep certain laws, because the Creator was above him. The daily routine of a king was clearly performed according to his spiritual level. It is a lot of work!

King David describes his attainments in the Psalms and King Solomon in the Song of Songs. The Song of Songs is the most holy book, which is about the unity, the complete love between the created beings and the Creator. These are the high spiritual levels that the kings, the judges, and the prophets were on.

Despite the rigid hierarchy, people who were not priests or Levites could also be members of the Sanhedrin. They all had to arrive at one decision, not by a democratic vote but by mutual concessions, which is a totally different attitude towards the world.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 12/24/14

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Symbols On The Banners Of Israel

laitman_742_03The emblems embroidered on the four major banners conform to four terrestrial creatures that surrounded the Throne of Heavenly Glory:

1. The human image at the foot of the Throne corresponds to the Reuben banner embroidered with plants that have roots that bear external resemblance with a human being;

2. The exterior of a lion under the Throne replicates Yehuda’s flag with a lion depicted on it;

3. Ephraim’s banner embroidered with a bull corresponds to the heavenly image of the bull;

4. The eagle embroidered on Dan’s flag is similar to the image of the eagle at the Throne.

Spirituality is a world of forces. Therefore, the four emblems on the banners symbolize spiritual qualities: Hesed, Gevura, Tifferet, and Yesod.

When these forces interact and affect the ego, each force demonstrates its certain properties. Egoism per se has no shape, nor does it desire anything but receiving. Whereas, when the quality of bestowal and love influences it, the ego manifests its selfish impulses.

Therefore, the image of a lion or the face of an eagle, etc., signify the states that one can achieve if one is ready to become a tool of manifesting the Creator’s properties. This denotes a very high qualitative level because the face of the animal turns into the face of a human—Adam (one who is similar with the Creator).

The face of man, as the face of the sun, emanates energy when it reaches the state of bestowal.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 12/24/14

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What Happens To The Soul After Death?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion:  What happens to a person after he or she dies? What’s happens to their soul?

Answer: Those who are capable of perceiving their soul live within it because it is not connected with the death of the body.

And for those who have never attained their souls, there remains only a Reshimot (from Hebrew “roshem” – a record), which is a piece of information similar to DNA, a certain code that includes everything that a person had ever consisted of.

When the body dies, this informational part (Reshimot) must connect with a new body in this world and start all over. Every person has a Reshimot, which is the particle from which we eventually develop a soul.

Comment:  You have said that people who have a soul are only those who build it.

Answer: Yes, it’s true. They build it out of their egoistic desires that are based on Reshimot,  some particle of information that works inside the desire forcing people to build a soul.

Question: What do I have? What’s missing? What am I supposed to build?

Answer: Our egoistic will to receive is all we have. But it may be the case that suddenly a special desire sparks in us. This is a desire to perceive our soul and figure out why we live, what is the purpose of our existence and the source of life.

It means that a Reshimot, that tiny spark, the so-called point in the heart wakes up within us. At this point, we start contemplating what we should do next since this aspiration presses on us and doesn’t leave us alone.

Then, we address our egoistic desire and start searching for a place where we can realize this spark. Eventually, we come to a place where the authentic wisdom of Kabbalah is taught and where we receive an explanation of how to build a soul. Creating a soul means changing the will to receive for our own sake to being for the sake of others.
From Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 5/10/15

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Where is the Soul Located?

laitman_628_3Question: Were there people in the past who found their souls? If so, where are the souls of those people?

Answer: Throughout all generations, there were many Kabbalists. The first of them was Adam HaRishon followed by twenty generations of Kabbalists until Abraham, after him appeared Isaac, Jacob, Moses, etc…. up to our time.

All these Kabbalists attained an extraordinary condition, a special vessel called the “soul” in which they revealed a higher power and eternal life. We all have to do it too.

Question: Where are their souls now?

Answer: Here we face the question: What does “where is the soul” mean, i.e., is there a place where a soul dwells? When we perceive spirituality, we begin to realize that there is no such thing as a place. Today, even quantum physicists state that there are no such things as place, time, or motion. All these parameters are relative; there is nothing tangible or real about them.

When we stop absorbing into our ego, going outside our selfishness in the direction of our neighbors, we start feeling the external reality that is beyond the boundaries of our ego. Then, all these conventions of time, motion, and space disappear.

Question: What if we die before we attain this state? After all, all these Kabbalists whom you mentioned lived many thousands of years ago…

Answer: The body dies, the animal level rather than something that belongs to the soul. If during one’s life one reaches the level of bestowing to one’s neighbor, i.e., one perceives one’s soul, this sensation of the soul is grasped. This part of us never dies.

My teacher Rabash said that if a person who attained spirituality dies, his physical body is like a shirt that he takes off in the evening and throws in the laundry. No more than that. Our physical body compared to our inner soul.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 5/10/15

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Man—The Redundant Element In The System

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Vasily Tyutin, publicist): “We are on the verge of a new socioeconomic order. Excessive productivity and production are growing, and the crisis we are facing will be about machines and robots replacing man in different jobs.

“We will not need one another. Man will be unable to sell his work and will only be a potential consumer. Billions will be unable to offer something to one another or to the system, becoming totally useless, looking for food and social services. The major global means for regulating the system will be regulating the population or waging wars that will eliminate redundant people. The alternative version of the future can be a system that doesn’t abuse redundant people.”

My Comment: The future social system will be integral, based on complete voluntary and equal relationships, in the likeness of the structure of the upper governance of the world. We will learn how to build and manage this social structure by practically accepting and implementing the science of Kabbalah.

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