Where is the Soul Located?

laitman_628_3Question: Were there people in the past who found their souls? If so, where are the souls of those people?

Answer: Throughout all generations, there were many Kabbalists. The first of them was Adam HaRishon followed by twenty generations of Kabbalists until Abraham, after him appeared Isaac, Jacob, Moses, etc…. up to our time.

All these Kabbalists attained an extraordinary condition, a special vessel called the “soul” in which they revealed a higher power and eternal life. We all have to do it too.

Question: Where are their souls now?

Answer: Here we face the question: What does “where is the soul” mean, i.e., is there a place where a soul dwells? When we perceive spirituality, we begin to realize that there is no such thing as a place. Today, even quantum physicists state that there are no such things as place, time, or motion. All these parameters are relative; there is nothing tangible or real about them.

When we stop absorbing into our ego, going outside our selfishness in the direction of our neighbors, we start feeling the external reality that is beyond the boundaries of our ego. Then, all these conventions of time, motion, and space disappear.

Question: What if we die before we attain this state? After all, all these Kabbalists whom you mentioned lived many thousands of years ago…

Answer: The body dies, the animal level rather than something that belongs to the soul. If during one’s life one reaches the level of bestowing to one’s neighbor, i.e., one perceives one’s soul, this sensation of the soul is grasped. This part of us never dies.

My teacher Rabash said that if a person who attained spirituality dies, his physical body is like a shirt that he takes off in the evening and throws in the laundry. No more than that. Our physical body compared to our inner soul.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 5/10/15

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