Man—The Redundant Element In The System

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Vasily Tyutin, publicist): “We are on the verge of a new socioeconomic order. Excessive productivity and production are growing, and the crisis we are facing will be about machines and robots replacing man in different jobs.

“We will not need one another. Man will be unable to sell his work and will only be a potential consumer. Billions will be unable to offer something to one another or to the system, becoming totally useless, looking for food and social services. The major global means for regulating the system will be regulating the population or waging wars that will eliminate redundant people. The alternative version of the future can be a system that doesn’t abuse redundant people.”

My Comment: The future social system will be integral, based on complete voluntary and equal relationships, in the likeness of the structure of the upper governance of the world. We will learn how to build and manage this social structure by practically accepting and implementing the science of Kabbalah.

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