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An Ancient Merit

laitman_749_02Question: Why is the Israeli nation called the “chosen people”?

Answer: The Israeli nation are called the “chosen people” not because it is better than others but because if was chosen to set an example of the correct good unity for the whole world. The Jewish nation was founded on the basis of unity. If we are not united, we are not considered the nation of Israel. It is only through  a tight connection when everyone loves others like himself that we have the right to call ourselves the nation of Israel. The Jewish nation was formed by a group of Abraham’s students who decided to unite in mutual guarantee and accepted the condition of “love thy neighbor as thyself.” This is the example the nation of Israel has to set for the whole world and it is the reason they are called the “chosen people.” It is impossible to escape this mission; we see how we are led back to it time and time again.

Question: Why can’t this mission be give to another nation if we don’t fulfill it?

Answer: It is impossible to get rid of this mission and escape from it. We will be o obliged to execute it voluntarily or under duress. So we shouldn’t put it off or wait until we have to fulfill it under extreme pressure and the threat of another holocaust, which again begins to grow on the horizon.

The Jewish nation is the same group that Abraham took out of Babylon and united under the conditions of “love thy neighbor as thyself.” It makes no difference that thousands of years have passed since then. The nation of Israel are the same souls, although their bodies have undergone many incarnations. It is only these souls that can bring the whole world to correction.

Therefore, we cannot wriggle out of our mission and sooner or later we will have to fulfill it, if not in this lifetime, then the next. This was written in The Book of Zohar two thousand years ago. And there are even more ancient books that say the same thing.

So we cannot tell the world that we refuse to fulfill this mission. There is the general law of nature that leads all of the creation to unity, but the nation of Israel doesn’t allow it to fulfill this goal. The still, vegetative, and animate nature are naturally connected in a symbiosis, while mankind cannot unite by themselves; it is the nation of Israel that should unite them by being the first to attain unity and setting and example for others.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 5/31/15

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The Pain For All Mankind

laitman_293The article “The Last Generation” is interesting because Baal HaSulam doesn’t speak to his students or to contemporary Kabbalists but to ordinary people. He turns to them from a pragmatic perspective and compares all of humanity to passengers who are on a train speeding towards a bridge, but instead of a bridge there is a slippery slope, and so he gives us advice as to what we should do so that we don’t fall down that slippery slope.

At the same time, we can feel how concerned he is about humanity because he sees that eventually it could be annihilated. He tells us that there is a plan of creation that has to be fulfilled no matter what. But before it brings people to the best state possible it will put them through the path of terrible sufferings. Thus, Baal HaSulam tells us how humanity can be spared such afflictions.

The article “The Last Generation” was compiled from various notes of great work, which he intended to write, but then he realized that this mission is not for his generation. This wasn’t easy for him, of course. We cannot imagine the internal world of a man who feels that all the people in the world are like his own children, and even closer than that because he loves them spiritually and understands what awaits them. Corporeal love is egoistic, whereas spiritual love is free of self-love and is therefore billions of times stronger.
From KabTV’s “About Our Life” 5/18/15

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When All Of Us Will Be Happy

laitman_942Question: What kind of unity must the people of Israel reach to feel positive changes?

Answer: The wisdom of Kabbalah offers a unique method of unification in a circle in which each one tries to understand the other and nullify himself to him. In this circle all are absolutely equal and each one is included in all. In the circle we have a discussion according to unique laws, and in this manner we carry out exercises that help us unite, lower ourselves, and elevate the others. This is a very simple method that makes it possible within ten minutes of work in the circle to feel how in its center a unique unifying force is awakened. Discussions in circles of this kind are now being organized all over Israel. Their purpose is to show a person that if we unite according to particular laws, we discover the good force that is hidden in nature, the power of unity, and love.

The person is built on egoism alone, on the evil force, on the desire to receive pleasure at the expense of others, to be concerned only about himself. In the desire to receive pleasure itself there is nothing bad; what is bad is that it acts while causing harm to others and makes us enemies. But if we discover the good force of nature, then it will teach us how it is truly possible to have enjoyment not at the expense of others. This is true pleasure. So between us there won’t be any competition, struggle, or wars; rather, unity like this will appear in which there will be goodness for every person. And the stronger our unity will be, the better each one will feel.

This is a very practical and simple method. It invites us to be happy, while we refuse. But the moment we agree and begin to work on our unity, then the whole world will feel good changes immediately since all of us are connected around the world in one invisible network. The good force that is discovered in circles like these all over the nation will begin to develop and nourish the network that connects us with positive energy, and everyone will feel this. All of the anti-Semitism and negative attitude toward Israel will disappear very quickly.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 5/31/15

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Humans Or Social Animals

laitman_600_02Opinion (Sergey V. Saveliev, PhD, Laboratory of Nervous System Development, Scientific Research Institute of Human Morphology, Department of Medical Biological Sciences, Russian Academy of Medical Science, Moscow, Russia): “Everything that is defined by the term ‘human’ – is what doesn’t directly bring biological benefit. Earning money, building a dwelling, transferring your genome to the next generation, this is all beastly, we don’t become humans; we are basically aggressive mammals.

“The structure of society reflects evolutionary development, but not the rationality of humanity. The frontal lobes were formed for the distribution of nourishment, to exist side by side. But there is a need for an additional 200,000 years of selection and sorting for this to become the norm. Until then, we are social animals. We understand that stealing is not good, but in spite of it all we steal! In the meantime we need to establish a hierarchical society, paving the way to dominance and money. And a person is like a beast, totalitarist.

“In the public eye everyone aspires to show themselves as democrats and humanists, but when nobody sees them, all of us behave like a bunch of baboons, both groups of youths and groups of nations, this is our biological model of behavior. With the apes this is normally not important, to be lazy, to lie, to cheat, to steal. But there is a prohibition that is applied to this, so people balance between the actions of apes and actions that are considered to be human.”

My Comment: We cannot build a democratic society of equality and peace, we behave like apes; we don’t have another 200,000 years to develop to the level of Adam (man) and it isn’t found in nature either. In nature there is a need for our conscious independent development. We don’t need to develop ourselves; this is impossible. We just need to want to be changed, and the changes themselves will awaken in us the same power of nature that developed us to our level. Our only participation in self-development is summed up by a desire to develop; this is what the wisdom of Kabbalah reveals to us.

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A Boycott Of Israel Or A Game Of The Upper Force?

laitman_538Question: Is the attempt to not allow Israel to participate in the World Cup soccer championship also a game that the upper force plays with us?

Answer: Of course, it is the upper force that actually plays with Israel. It wants us to start looking at life in a more serious manner and to discover its secret. The upper force will awaken and spur the whole world against Israel. Our situation will keep getting worse until we realize that we are the ones who have freewill and who can bring goodness to ourselves and to the whole world.

The world is expecting us to do so. It isn’t by chance that everyone is against Israel. It is the upper force that guides all the nations against the Jews by putting us in a very difficult situation. This is where the wisdom of Kabbalah is revealed and explains that that’s the way it should be unless we discover the secret of life. Then we will understand why the whole world hates the Jews and what the Jews have to do about that and how they should solve this problem.

Question: The attempt to boycott the Israeli soccer team is probably just the beginning; we are being drawn into a war over our existence against great forces.

Answer: We are not engaged in war against forces but against the one upper force. Baal HaSulam tells us in the “Introduction to The Book of Zohar” that the reason for all the disasters in the world is that the nation is Israel doesn’t fulfill its mission. When I first heard that it was very hard to accept, but we have no choice. This is the truth and, we cannot hide from it; rather, we must solve this problem. Otherwise, the world will sink into increasingly greater darkness. We cannot even imagine the state our world can reach.

No one could imagine that the world would be in such a crisis and such darkness 20 to 30 years ago, that it would be filled with such cruelty, wars, and drugs. The Israeli nation has to bring the Light to the nations of the world; therefore, we have to develop ourselves to be compatible with the upper Light so that it will flow unto the world through us like through a pipe, through a kingdom of priests, and then world will calm down.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 5/31/15

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Every Woman Can Be Beautiful

Laitman_201_01Question: Is spiritual beauty a feminine quality?

Answer: Spiritual beauty is only a feminine quality because a person who knows how to reach this Inner Light has a desire to get it in order to bestow.

The desire to receive is considered a woman’s property, and the desire to give this Light to others is a man’s property. That is, such a person combines two spiritual qualities: male and female.

Spiritual beauty is born as a result of our desire to achieve immense bestowal. And then a person ceases to pay attention to external beauty.

Question: What should a woman do to radiate inner beauty?

Answer: If a woman wants to preserve eternal youth and beauty, she must take care of her inner beauty, that is, to think about how to help others, how to love all people and to show them a good example. Then she will be very beautiful.

Question: Do ordinary people see this spiritual beauty by looking at her?

Answer: If a real man (Adam), that is similar (Domeh) to the Creator looks at this woman, he would see her inner beauty. We are not talking about the physical body.

No matter what methods we use to rejuvenate it, it will still grow old. Even if we can extend life of up to 200 years, up to a 100 years, a person will look and feel young, and then he will live as an old man another 100 years.

Medicine can relatively easily prolong human life for hundreds of years, but is there any sense in it? Isn’t it better to develop one’s soul in this physical body in the shortest possible period and begin to live in it?

I can achieve my general correction in 20 – 30 years, build my spiritual body, and begin to live in the spiritual world. Why do we need to stretch our existence in this world—the lowest and worst of all the worlds? We need to perform our task in it and get rid of it, having obtained eternal life. Then youth and beauty will be seen as something completely different.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 6/2/15

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