A Boycott Of Israel Or A Game Of The Upper Force?

laitman_538Question: Is the attempt to not allow Israel to participate in the World Cup soccer championship also a game that the upper force plays with us?

Answer: Of course, it is the upper force that actually plays with Israel. It wants us to start looking at life in a more serious manner and to discover its secret. The upper force will awaken and spur the whole world against Israel. Our situation will keep getting worse until we realize that we are the ones who have freewill and who can bring goodness to ourselves and to the whole world.

The world is expecting us to do so. It isn’t by chance that everyone is against Israel. It is the upper force that guides all the nations against the Jews by putting us in a very difficult situation. This is where the wisdom of Kabbalah is revealed and explains that that’s the way it should be unless we discover the secret of life. Then we will understand why the whole world hates the Jews and what the Jews have to do about that and how they should solve this problem.

Question: The attempt to boycott the Israeli soccer team is probably just the beginning; we are being drawn into a war over our existence against great forces.

Answer: We are not engaged in war against forces but against the one upper force. Baal HaSulam tells us in the “Introduction to The Book of Zohar” that the reason for all the disasters in the world is that the nation is Israel doesn’t fulfill its mission. When I first heard that it was very hard to accept, but we have no choice. This is the truth and, we cannot hide from it; rather, we must solve this problem. Otherwise, the world will sink into increasingly greater darkness. We cannot even imagine the state our world can reach.

No one could imagine that the world would be in such a crisis and such darkness 20 to 30 years ago, that it would be filled with such cruelty, wars, and drugs. The Israeli nation has to bring the Light to the nations of the world; therefore, we have to develop ourselves to be compatible with the upper Light so that it will flow unto the world through us like through a pipe, through a kingdom of priests, and then world will calm down.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 5/31/15

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