Humans Or Social Animals

laitman_600_02Opinion (Sergey V. Saveliev, PhD, Laboratory of Nervous System Development, Scientific Research Institute of Human Morphology, Department of Medical Biological Sciences, Russian Academy of Medical Science, Moscow, Russia): “Everything that is defined by the term ‘human’ – is what doesn’t directly bring biological benefit. Earning money, building a dwelling, transferring your genome to the next generation, this is all beastly, we don’t become humans; we are basically aggressive mammals.

“The structure of society reflects evolutionary development, but not the rationality of humanity. The frontal lobes were formed for the distribution of nourishment, to exist side by side. But there is a need for an additional 200,000 years of selection and sorting for this to become the norm. Until then, we are social animals. We understand that stealing is not good, but in spite of it all we steal! In the meantime we need to establish a hierarchical society, paving the way to dominance and money. And a person is like a beast, totalitarist.

“In the public eye everyone aspires to show themselves as democrats and humanists, but when nobody sees them, all of us behave like a bunch of baboons, both groups of youths and groups of nations, this is our biological model of behavior. With the apes this is normally not important, to be lazy, to lie, to cheat, to steal. But there is a prohibition that is applied to this, so people balance between the actions of apes and actions that are considered to be human.”

My Comment: We cannot build a democratic society of equality and peace, we behave like apes; we don’t have another 200,000 years to develop to the level of Adam (man) and it isn’t found in nature either. In nature there is a need for our conscious independent development. We don’t need to develop ourselves; this is impossible. We just need to want to be changed, and the changes themselves will awaken in us the same power of nature that developed us to our level. Our only participation in self-development is summed up by a desire to develop; this is what the wisdom of Kabbalah reveals to us.

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