When All Of Us Will Be Happy

laitman_942Question: What kind of unity must the people of Israel reach to feel positive changes?

Answer: The wisdom of Kabbalah offers a unique method of unification in a circle in which each one tries to understand the other and nullify himself to him. In this circle all are absolutely equal and each one is included in all. In the circle we have a discussion according to unique laws, and in this manner we carry out exercises that help us unite, lower ourselves, and elevate the others. This is a very simple method that makes it possible within ten minutes of work in the circle to feel how in its center a unique unifying force is awakened. Discussions in circles of this kind are now being organized all over Israel. Their purpose is to show a person that if we unite according to particular laws, we discover the good force that is hidden in nature, the power of unity, and love.

The person is built on egoism alone, on the evil force, on the desire to receive pleasure at the expense of others, to be concerned only about himself. In the desire to receive pleasure itself there is nothing bad; what is bad is that it acts while causing harm to others and makes us enemies. But if we discover the good force of nature, then it will teach us how it is truly possible to have enjoyment not at the expense of others. This is true pleasure. So between us there won’t be any competition, struggle, or wars; rather, unity like this will appear in which there will be goodness for every person. And the stronger our unity will be, the better each one will feel.

This is a very practical and simple method. It invites us to be happy, while we refuse. But the moment we agree and begin to work on our unity, then the whole world will feel good changes immediately since all of us are connected around the world in one invisible network. The good force that is discovered in circles like these all over the nation will begin to develop and nourish the network that connects us with positive energy, and everyone will feel this. All of the anti-Semitism and negative attitude toward Israel will disappear very quickly.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 5/31/15

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