The Pain For All Mankind

laitman_293The article “The Last Generation” is interesting because Baal HaSulam doesn’t speak to his students or to contemporary Kabbalists but to ordinary people. He turns to them from a pragmatic perspective and compares all of humanity to passengers who are on a train speeding towards a bridge, but instead of a bridge there is a slippery slope, and so he gives us advice as to what we should do so that we don’t fall down that slippery slope.

At the same time, we can feel how concerned he is about humanity because he sees that eventually it could be annihilated. He tells us that there is a plan of creation that has to be fulfilled no matter what. But before it brings people to the best state possible it will put them through the path of terrible sufferings. Thus, Baal HaSulam tells us how humanity can be spared such afflictions.

The article “The Last Generation” was compiled from various notes of great work, which he intended to write, but then he realized that this mission is not for his generation. This wasn’t easy for him, of course. We cannot imagine the internal world of a man who feels that all the people in the world are like his own children, and even closer than that because he loves them spiritually and understands what awaits them. Corporeal love is egoistic, whereas spiritual love is free of self-love and is therefore billions of times stronger.
From KabTV’s “About Our Life” 5/18/15

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