Looking At The Future Together With A Kabbalist

Dr. Michael LaitmanA few years ago we published a wonderful book called The Future Generation. The book is based on three articles by Baal HaSulam that relate directly to our times and especially the “Writings of the Future Generation.” I suppose that the time in which this book will become the basis for establishing a new society is very near.

The writings of Baal HaSulam are kept in our archive. The “Writings of the Future Generation” was originally written as a rough draft, and in the book they are presented in an organized form. We have to see it as the guide for the new era.

I strongly recommend studying it. By the way, it was warmly acclaimed by leading members of the Israeli Academy who said that Baal HaSulam preceded his time and speaks not only about his time but about our days. Professor Eliezer Shveid from the Hebrew University wrote, “Much of what he foresaw is happening in our times and his explanations are valid, like an instrument that enables us to overcome the future problems of humanity.”

We will find a great part of his innovations here and so I think that this is an essential book for everyone. Even those who are far from our studies can look into the future of the world through this book as a Kabbalist sees it. It’s because his perspective is much deeper than ours. Even if he writes about it very succinctly and laconically, it’s still interesting to learn about his opinions.

Among other things it’s about what will happen in a couple of years. Isn’t it interesting to find out where the world is headed without using horoscopes, fortunetellers, soothsayers, etc.? After all, everything that is written in Kabbalistic sources has been fulfilled to this day, so this is also part of the plan. It isn’t fantasy nor science fiction Jules Verne-style, who actually foresaw many things. A Kabbalist sees the future that already exists and radiates it in our times so that we will know how it will be fulfilled.

Besides, by our inclination to what is to come we summon the Surrounding Lights from there, which correct us. It’s very useful to read about the future. It isn’t by chance that children love to read adventure books and to see movies about the future. It stems from their natural desire to develop. So by reading about the future, we draw Surrounding Light from the same model that is about to appear and which Baal HaSulam describes. It’s very helpful for our advancement.

The book “The Future Generation” was written in a simple language. I suppose that Baal HaSulam intended this book for the general public. He hardly mentions the wisdom of Kabbalah, but he does speak about the principles of just distribution, about organizing mutual relations between people, and it touches such things that thanks to them the reader immediately sees to what extent he agrees or disagrees with the writer. At the same time, from the first words a person reads, he already starts the spiritual work.

Another thing is that this book will help those who find it hard to tie the wisdom of Kabbalah with our message of mutual guarantee, those who contend that it’s useless to bring this message of unity to the masses. Here we see that a Kabbalist actually pushes us to do so and the faster this is fulfilled the more we will succeed.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/27/12, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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