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A Spring Of Live Water

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can we logically explain to people that connection is the single solution to all problems?

Answer: Clearly, unity between people gives them strength. On this principle the army, political parties, or any other organization is built. A few people that unite together receive strength, especially nowadays.

Even in the days of slavery, the association of the slaves was feared. Every country is afraid arising associations. If more than a hundred people connect, immediately they are checked to see what is happening there, what they are doing, and what their plans are. It is necessary for the public security.

But by connection between us, if it is the correct connection, we begin to feel that there is some source of force, mind, a new feeling. We need to make an effort to feel it ourselves, but we are neglecting it. If I don’t receive awakening from the center of the group, a lifting of spirit, a feeling of warmth, love, an increase of the feeling of feeling and mind, then I am not connected to it.

Just as I need to eat something every few hours, so I need to feel the appetite and hunger to come to the group and receive nourishment from it. I don’t have to come physically to the group, but I must feel its center, from which from I yearn to fulfill myself.

If you still don’t see and feel what the profit is from the connection, it’s a sign that you still have to work on it. Even the greatest Kabbalist cannot exit himself if he retreats to some hidden place. He must be connected with at least a few students equal to or greater than him so that inside the connection he will find feeling and mind from a higher degree.

Every time he will progress like that, otherwise he will not have life. He will stop in place and die because life must renew all the time.

Therefore, when we come to people and help them connect, we need to teach them how to reveal the source of live water in order to be able to drink from it, from the center of connection between them. As a result of that, they will receive the spirit of life. They will start to feel that they lack it, like a little child that suddenly needs his mother, runs and clings to her, and then again he runs back to his games. Like that we need to show people the source of life.

You should feel at the time of the workshop and different actions that in the connection between you there is a new inner excitement, a sharper feeling of joy, and deeper meaning that makes it possible to reach a new clarification of the current state and the next state that is suddenly revealed.

If at a time of connection with friends such a special feeling is not awakened, it’s a sign that you did not reach any connection. We have to reveal it in ourselves and to teach others, because in it is the source for joy, liveliness, the force of life, and for us it’s also a source for clarification, because only feelings are not enough for us, we also want to clarify these states and participate in them consciously “to awaken the dawn” ourselves.

Therefore, this spring that we reveal in the center of the group is the source of force for spiritual progress. And for the people, it is the source of confidence, pleasant feeling, more correct observation toward the attitude inside the family, children, education, etc., meaning the source of their lives.

This is a very special point. I must find the source of force, the source of life, the source of mind and energy for myself, and suddenly I see that the way becomes clearer and my state stabilizes in the correct direction. I acquire strength and stability. All of this I receive from the center of the group.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/21/14

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Spiritual Betrayal

laitman_276_02The Torah, “Numbers” 5:11 – 5:15: The Lord spoke unto Moses, saying: Speak to the children of Israel and say to them: Should any man’s wife go astray and deal treacherously with him, and a man lie with her carnally, but it was hidden from her husband’s eyes, but she was secluded [with the suspected adulterer] and there was no witness against her, and she was not seized. But a spirit of jealousy had come upon him and he became jealous of his wife, and she was defiled, or, a spirit of jealousy had come upon him and he was jealous of his wife, and she was not defiled. Then the man shall bring his wife to the Cohen and bring her offering for her, one-tenth part of an ephah of barley flour. He shall neither pour oil over it nor put frankincense on it, for it is a meal-offering of jealousies, a meal-offering of remembrance, recalling iniquity.

If the direction towards the Creator is clear to me and I gradually tie all my desires in this direction so that they will help me get close to Him and to rise to a level that is higher than me, then although my egoistic desires wish to draw me to the corporeal pleasures of this world, I want to shift them to attaining the upper world, the Creator. I constantly try to direct these desires towards the goal: I annul myself and ascend above myself, which means that I believe that all the conditions and the hardships stem from the Creator so that I will ascend above myself and advance in faith above reason. This is a system that I build and thus turn to Him with my desires.

But suddenly I disconnect from these efforts and discover that the desires I turned to Him with now yearn for different frivolous matters of everyday life. This is called “betrayal of the Creator.”

So what should I do?! I have to examine my desires: Why did it happen? Where did I lost contact with the thought that the Creator governs me? At what point, under what conditions, was my desire suddenly tempted to violate the connection with the Creator and to watch a movie, want to go on vacation, or be in some other event on the corporeal level.

Why has this desire (Nukva) betrayed me and why doesn’t it want to be adhered in the intention towards the Creator (Zeir Anpin)?!

How can I examine that? Only if I ascend to the level of the priest (Cohen) and examine things. I will not be able to do it any other way. I have lost the desire (Nukva) on the level I am now. Only the Upper Light can help a person examine why he didn’t hold on, what affected him, or what has intentionally brought him to a certain state. There are many nuances here, but they can all be resolved only this way.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 1/21/15

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The Truth About The Boycott Of Israel, Part 3

laitman_747_03Let Us Understand Our Purpose and Our Duty, and Accomplish It

First of all, we must explain to the Jewish people that the boycott at this stage is only the beginning of the pressure, both corporeal and spiritual, that awaits us. Ahead are much more severe situations as described by the prophets of Israel, and all of this, then, is to oblige us to take correct action as the people of Israel living in their own land and to set a good example to the world.

Then we will understand that anti-Semitism is only there so that the people of Israel would take upon themselves the mission to achieve brotherly love and show everyone how to apply the method of unity through the Light that Reforms.

After all, no one else has this method and cannot have it. The Light that Reforms goes out to the world only through the people of Israel. That is why this nation is called a “kingdom of priests” and “a holy nation.” When the nations of the world accept the basics of unity from us, the first spiritual quantum of Light, their attitude toward us will immediately, diametrically change. As the prophet Isaiah said, they will carry the sons of Israel on their shoulders and bring them to the temple in Jerusalem.

Only, it will take a decision—when we will provide a true example of unity that our world needs so much? In today’s global and integral reality, we cannot survive if we do not unite with each other in an equal society with entirely good relationships. In such a society, people become related to each other, help each other, and maintain relations of friendship and love.

How do we achieve this in a world that is opposed to such aspirations? This work isn’t up to us, but to the Upper Light.

To be continued…
From KabTV’s “About the Boycott of Israel” 6/3/15

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Confessing The Sin

Laitman_524_01The Torah, “Numbers” 5:5 – 5:7: The Lord then spoke to Moses saying: Tell the children of Israel: When a man or woman commits any of the sins against man to act treacherously against God, and that person is [found] guilty, they shall confess the sin they committed, and make restitution for the principal amount of his guilt, add its fifth to it, and give it to the one against whom he was guilty.

“They shall confess the sin,” means examining the work that was done and discovering what state you find yourself in. Without such scrutiny you cannot advance properly. The recognition of evil is a precondition to overcoming it.

Question: How should I examine things if I commit a trespass against the Creator, which means that I have disconnected from the attribute of love and bestowal?

Answer: We examine our state under the influence of the collective and the study according to the right system. Then we begin to judge ourselves, which is a prayer. Praying means judging yourself. If I am connected to all those who yearn for the Creator, it is thanks to this connection that I begin to see myself through their eyes, and then I can examine myself. If I am inside myself, I basically don’t think or reflect about anything and I am on the animate level. After all, an animal feels itself the way it is, whereas, a human being feels himself with regard to others and so he feels envy, jealousy, and other attributes that are rarely found in animals.

So in order to examine myself correctly we need a group; delving into myself will only lead to depression and to nothing but self-torture. All this is useless. Self-examination is a state in which you draw the Upper Light, which comes through the group unto yourself and you begin to examine yourself with regard to it. Such a focused examination shows you to what extent you are properly integrated into the group, which means with the Creator! It is because the group is actually the general attribute of connection to which you measure yourself. But if you do it by yourself, you will begin to compare yourself to ordinary people and this isn’t the state you should compare yourself to. It has to be fulfilled through the group and through the Upper Light that comes through it.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 1/21/15

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Communism: Utopia Or Reality, Part 11

laitman_291Question: In the article, “The Last Generation,” Baal HaSulam wrote that one way or another humanity would come to a communistic society. What kind of communism was he talking about?

Answer: This would be a society in which a person is not living to make a profit. People would be educated so that they will have no need to take from society more than is needed for existence. One would not be concerned about one’s self because the society takes all of his or her concerns upon itself.

One’s work, first and foremost, is the desire to be properly connected with everyone else and to create the same benefits and the same good company that are imperative for society to supply a person’s necessities. All of this is solved together with education, which acts in parallel with changes in society, neither earlier nor later.

However, the main thing is that a person reaches a state of mutual connection with others where he or she doesn’t feel any difference between him or herself and others. He is so connected with them, that, for him, “I” and “we” merge completely. The ego that separates us disappears, and each one begins to feel others as himself.

A person begins to feel everything that happens on the level of the still, vegetative, and animate, and all the people of our world as his personal body. This gives him a sensation of infinity, lack of boundaries, and a common existence.

Thanks to this development of our sensors, we begin to feel the world as a whole, infinite in time, movement, and space. This is the upper world in which the person exists, and in the meantime none of us can be called this because, on his own, he is a highly organized and uncorrected beast.

So, we must have an established system of education that is comprehensive and worldwide. The role of the person is to attract the positive force into our negative world so that, on the basis of the two forces, he can begin to ascend and feel an absolutely different creation, another world. Baal HaSulam said that, sooner or later, we will reach precisely such a just and happy society.

To be continued.
From KabTV’s “About Our Life” 5/11/15

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 06.18.15

Writings of Baal HaSulam “Introduction to the Study of the Ten Sefirot,” Item 10 

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Writings of Baal HaSulam “The Peace,” “Proof of His Work by Experience”

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