Confessing The Sin

Laitman_524_01The Torah, “Numbers” 5:5 – 5:7: The Lord then spoke to Moses saying: Tell the children of Israel: When a man or woman commits any of the sins against man to act treacherously against God, and that person is [found] guilty, they shall confess the sin they committed, and make restitution for the principal amount of his guilt, add its fifth to it, and give it to the one against whom he was guilty.

“They shall confess the sin,” means examining the work that was done and discovering what state you find yourself in. Without such scrutiny you cannot advance properly. The recognition of evil is a precondition to overcoming it.

Question: How should I examine things if I commit a trespass against the Creator, which means that I have disconnected from the attribute of love and bestowal?

Answer: We examine our state under the influence of the collective and the study according to the right system. Then we begin to judge ourselves, which is a prayer. Praying means judging yourself. If I am connected to all those who yearn for the Creator, it is thanks to this connection that I begin to see myself through their eyes, and then I can examine myself. If I am inside myself, I basically don’t think or reflect about anything and I am on the animate level. After all, an animal feels itself the way it is, whereas, a human being feels himself with regard to others and so he feels envy, jealousy, and other attributes that are rarely found in animals.

So in order to examine myself correctly we need a group; delving into myself will only lead to depression and to nothing but self-torture. All this is useless. Self-examination is a state in which you draw the Upper Light, which comes through the group unto yourself and you begin to examine yourself with regard to it. Such a focused examination shows you to what extent you are properly integrated into the group, which means with the Creator! It is because the group is actually the general attribute of connection to which you measure yourself. But if you do it by yourself, you will begin to compare yourself to ordinary people and this isn’t the state you should compare yourself to. It has to be fulfilled through the group and through the Upper Light that comes through it.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 1/21/15

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