Does Sin Exist?

Dr. Michael LaitmanIf the anointed Cohen [priest] sins, bringing guilt to the people, then he shall bring for his sin which he has committed, an unblemished young bull as a sin offering to the Lord.

If a leader [of Israel] sins and unintentionally commits one of all the commandments of the Lord, which may not be committed, incurring guilt;

If one person of the people of the land commits a sin unintentionally, by his committing one of the commandments of the Lord which may not be committed, incurring guilt;

if his sin that he committed is made known to him, he shall bring his sacrifice: an unblemished female goat, for his sin that he committed. (Leviticus 4:3, 22, 27, 28)

Question: What is this chain that begins with the priest and ends with the common man?

Answer: This is the gradation of desires in a person according to the ego that is revealed in him.

The fact is there is no sin. Nobody is guilty because all sins derive from our original state. As it is written: “I created the evil inclination, I created the Torah as a spice for it; for the Light in it will return him to the good” (Kiddushin 30b).

If we study the Torah correctly, in a circle, in friendship, under special conditions, then through this we awaken the influence of the unique power of the characteristic of bestowal on ourselves. The Light of the Torah influences us and helps to change the property of reception to bestowal, passing from an individual nature to altruism.

So if a person puts himself into a particular society and works on himself in a circle of friends, all of our sins are gradually revealed in us. At the time of receiving the Torah on Mount Sinai, it became clear that the Light of Torah acts on people only on condition that they yearn for connection, for mutual Arvut (guarantee).  “Torah” is derived from the word “Ohr” (Light).

The circle in which we clarify things symbolizes the position around our immense ego and our work with it. And if we want to rise above the ego, then the point of connection between us, called “Moses,” goes up the mountain and enters into contact with the Creator. This point is our spiritual guide.

All of the egoistic desires are called Egypt. First we exit them, receive instructions, the Torah, on Mount Sinai, which is the means for their correction, and begin to connect. And when we want to connect more, we discover the Sinai desert, “mutual hatred” (“Sina” – hatred), and along with this we yearn for connection. And yet, the more that we aspire to connection, the stronger is the rejection that we discover.

All of Egypt (our ego) begins to be discovered in us again. This is what we call the “sins” that are discovered in us. And they were all prepared from the start; so everything that is revealed in a person is what was prepared for him. And we ourselves don’t commit any sin.

In the Torah is written all the laws of purity, correction, of our internal “sins” that were prepared for us from the start. As has been said, “I created the evil inclination, I created the Torah as a spice.” This evil inclination is gradually discovered in us and we correct it for the good through yearning for connection and approaching the Upper Light.
From KabTV’s Secrets of the Eternal Book 11/27/15

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