About Loyalty And Unfaithfulness In The Spiritual World

laitman_293The Torah, “Leviticus” (Kedoshim), 19:29: You shall not defile your daughter by making her a harlot, lest the Land fall into Harlotry and the land be filled with immorality.

Question: On the one hand, it says: “shall not defile your daughter,” and then it says: “lest the land fall into Harlotry.” What is the connection between the daughter and the land?

Answer: A person gives birth to the male and the female desire of the next level. Therefore, their work should be arranged so that they will be able to become the basis of the next upper level. The term “land” refers to a homeland, (earth, desire) which is a desire that shouldn’t be profaned or impure.

The female inclination (desire) is considered the basis of every level: it gives birth, brings up the offspring, and formats the next level. Therefore the desire should be guarded, “shall not defile your daughter by making her a harlot.”

Every level usually simultaneously produces the male and the female inclinations, but the Torah only speaks about giving birth to sons since the reference to a son always included the birth of a daughter. There cannot be one without the other according to spiritual laws: nine Sefirot and the tenth Sefira, which is Malchut (the female inclination).

Question: What does it mean to make your next level a harlot?

Answer: To make it a harlot refers to receiving for myself. There are only two states: you either work for the external ego of others according to the rule of “love thy friend as thyself” regardless of the fact that they may be egoists or not. When you fill them you correct yourself. At the same time when they receive the Light through you, they are also corrected by it.

On the other hand, if you don’t do that, then the earth, which means the general desire, becomes filled with prostitution, with receiving for myself.

Question: Is there a difference between a male or a female “making… a harlot?”

Answer: A female “making … a harlot” is much stronger than the male since the male is one phase while the female produces from the next generating levels because they immediately spread and multiply (procreate).

Comment: In our world a man takes his being unfaithful lightly, while for a woman it is considered a very deep state.

Answer: This happens because the tenth Sefira belongs to the first nine Sefirot. The male part (the first nine Sefirot) looks for the suitable Malchut and can have many, even a thousand.

If we speak about the power of the radiation energy, that which comes from a man can fill thousands of people. In order to receive this energy, a woman has to be like Malchut for Zeir Anpin to him, which means to belong to him. Therefore, the attribute of the female part should adhere to him and be loyal; it should be faithful to him.

If this attribute doesn’t exist in order to connect to Zeir Anpin, the next generations would not be born correctly. All the laws in our world stem from the physical laws of the spiritual world and are actually their replica, their reflection.

Comment: Even in our world, a baby that is born as a result of an affair is called a bastard…

Answer: It is a very difficult state since from the perspective of the spiritual connection, a bastard child is a person with a defected soul. He is not connected to the right general system and is considered waste, garbage, the slag of society. Therefore he is disparaged by society.

In our day, however, it is one thing in human society, whereas in the spiritual world it requires a very big correction, if it can be corrected at all, in order to bring him back into the general system to be equal to others.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 4/16/14

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  1. On the corporeal level this post is highly annoying and almost fundamentalist Islamic in its presentation. Thank G_d western society has progressed beyond blaming a baby for the behavior of its parents. In a truly correct corporeal correction everyone is responsible, respectful, and caring of the other. This care is mutual in its nature and has nothing to do with gender or luck in life. …And, that is that, no compromises, period. Otherwise all this mutual responsibility talk is a lot of hot air. On the spiritual level one must assume that the correct interpretation of this post is that a will to receive which has an intention to receive for its own benefit (from whatever source it can find) begets offspring ( an even greater corrupted will to receive for itself) which requires even more strength to overcome? Therefore, in the spiritual world, as in the corporeal world, a corrupted will to receive is destructive in nature and must be eliminated, either willingly or forcefully correct?

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