A Proposal Beneficial For The Government And For Everyone

laitman_547_06Question: If politicians argue not only because they want to beat each other in the elections, but really disagree and have different programs, what will help them to come together to work for the good of society?

Answer: They will be able to unite only for the sake of a very high goal that can be achieved only through connection. Suppose that there are twenty of us who together formed the government, but everyone pulls toward himself. Suddenly, we find out that we could receive a hundred billion dollars that would allow us to implement all of our programs. However, in order to do this, we need to unite. Do you think it would be worth it?

Question: What do you mean “to unite”?

Answer: To unite means at least not to harm each other. Every politician has his program, but imagine that someone, a stranger, offers fabulous rewards, billions of dollars, under the condition that they would stop their disagreements and work together on implementing his program.

Question: Who is this rich man who can make such a proposal to the government?

Answer: This is the Creator, the upper force of nature, the program of creation that is above us. According to the program of nature, during our unity, we reach another level of life. However, this program is not compatible with any egoistic games and plans of politicians.

None of them is aware of this program, and everyone wants to pull everyone else to his side, as it usually happens. Therefore, no program will be successful, as with all the previous governments. The situation will only deteriorate further.

Thus, the Creator, the upper force of nature, appears and says, “It’s time to stop. I am buying this government! I am giving you a goal that can be achieved only on the condition of your unity, and I promise you a reward that covers all your needs. Just follow my program.”

Question: If we had different opinions, why would we reconcile suddenly with one another?

Answer: We examine nature and see from it that we must unite together into one integral, global mechanism, and get closer and complete each other. In other words, we all need to work together as parts of one body that work in total harmony, and then this body is healthy and lives. We need to behave in human society, connecting, not tripping each other. On the contrary, we need to step on our egoism and work on the connection with each other above it.

It is not easy, and for this we need new education to work on ourselves. However, the payoff is huge. Indeed, no government can make their people’s lives better, to improve the state and society during their reign. It always will get worse; the trend is quite clear.

It is possible to stop this slide only on condition that we begin getting a new education that would allow everyone to become a positive element of society, not as it is now when everyone strives to climb up, pushing and pressuring others.

Question: Are we talking about changing the relationships between people in society?

Answer: Yes, but a person does not do this for free. For this, he gets the revelation of the Creator, the world of infinity, eternal and perfect life that he begins to feel while still living in our world. He gradually rises to the degree of the spiritual world, feeling in the in the flow of eternal life.

This frees us from all problems. We ascend to the level, to such an essence, that we leave all our arguments in this kindergarten. We rise above this marketplace of buy-and-sell and come to a corrected society, to the corrected life even not in our world.

After all, the correction in our world is just a means by which the world, as we unite, would begin to rise to the level of the values of the spiritual world. The spiritual value is love for others as for oneself.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 12/23/14

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