Government With One Heart

Laitman_130Question: How must the nation behave when it exists according to the rule, “And you shall love your friend as yourself”?

Answer: The entire government must be “as one person with one heart” so that all will be connected with one intention, with one understanding.

Question: How can there be a single opinion if all of us are different?

Answer: We will all remain different, but we see the truth, and about this truth we have no questions. We will not be far from each other. Both I and you and he will see the same thing, so we only complement each other, working for the sake of the same goal.

We reach discovery of the upper force, the general program of nature, the ways by which we must go, the forces of nature that help us with this. We see the truth, so we don’t have any problem reaching agreement between us, in spite of all of our differences.

All of us are different, but this doesn’t bother us; on the contrary, this helps. This is because each one, looking from his point of view, supports the implementation of the same program. We all complement each other, even those who don’t enter the government.

Question: And what is this single program?

Answer: This is a program elevating all of humanity to a higher level. For this we must understand why and for what we exist. All of our physical existence is required to discover in the connection between us the higher, eternal, and complete power, a happy life for us, for our children and grandchildren, a life without limits.

Question: From what will our lives become happier all of a sudden?

Answer: From this: that each will complement the other. We will no longer exist in a broken system in which there is no harmony between one another, but only conflicts. On the contrary, we are found in complete harmony in that we mutually complement each other, and so among us a new system of working will be discovered among us that we didn’t know about until now.

Imagine that we had a broken car that shakes, stalls, and gets stuck all the time. And suddenly instead of it we get a magnificent Rolls Royce; our whole family, all of us, sit inside, and we travel toward the goal light-hearted. The whole world will begin to live a completely different life.

All of this is thanks to our acting according to the law of nature that is discovered and the correct development of the law.

Question: So what is this law?

Answer: The law is that everyone must be parts of the integral system and complement each other through our mutual work, which is to adapt to the higher force. Then the higher force will be discovered within our engine, within the society, and all of humanity will be connected and will merge with the higher force that created us and will be brought to an eternal state.

Question: What do we mean by the term, the higher force?

Answer: The higher force is the life force, the essential power of nature, the power of bestowal and love.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 12/23/14

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