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Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “Exile and Redemption”: Hence, I hereby propose to the House of Israel to say to our troubles, “Enough!” and at the very least, make a human calculation regarding these adventures that they have inflicted us time and time again, and here in our country, as well. We wish to start our own policy, as we have no hope of clutching at the ground as a nation as long as we do not accept our holy Torah without any extenuations.

Baal HaSulam calls for an investigation into the matter to be convinced that we simply have no choice, otherwise we cannot get rid of our troubles. Even a mundane egoistic calculation is enough. The infinite stream of troubles will not leave us any glimmer of hope for something good. There is no escape from this route.

From a rational point of view, we do not have even a slight chance of reducing the suffering, not to mention getting rid of it, as long as we haven’t begun to carry out what is required of us.

Only then, and not before then, will we be in a different situation that will be completely opposite of the present situation. It is only in this way that we succeed in departing from our endless problems.

This conclusion is correct and valid even if we want a good life based on security, well-being, and health. In the “Writings of the Last Generation” Baal HaSulam adds: This nation is very poor, and its inhabitants will suffer much in the future; for without a doubt they or their children will gradually be uprooted from this land in the future and nobody will be left except a negligible amount who in the end will assimilate among the Arabs.

Question: How do we transmit this message to the nation, which again has plunged into the turmoil of early elections with all of its slogans and promises?

Answer: Our approach is much more realistic. Ultimately, behind the slogans, it is difficult to find fundamental differences between the candidates. So why don’t they agree about rotating this position among themselves? They could divide their tenure into equal periods of time and in turn succeed each other. Along the way, we wouldn’t feel any difference.

I am not joking. After all, rotation of this type is intended for the purpose that competitors would help each other for the duration of their tenure so it wouldn’t be important who is “on top” at the moment. An alliance like this would bring much more benefit to everyone. After all sides sign a suitable agreement, they would stop poking sticks in each other’s wheels. And so the best that people are able to do today is to go out and declare, “Enough! Stop this mess, we don’t believe your promises anyway. Yes, certainly you want to invest all of your energy for the good of Israel and this area in general. But we don’t want the details and don’t intend to vote for anyone. We choose unity.”

In my eyes, this is the only solution. It is not as impossible to realize it as it may seem.

The rotation will not extend just to the Prime Minister, but also to the seats of the ministers. As a result of this, all the political camps will work in cooperation and will support each other in order to get support at the time of their victory. Imagine that all of them start serving the people through mutual agreement.

This will be possible only when the people are truly fed up and declare, “Enough with these theatrical struggles. We don’t want to participate in this game anymore.”

Shall we try?

The problem is that the people today are not ready to do this. And in spite of it all, if we want rapid and practical solutions, this rotation is the best solution. It leaves the details through which the politicians only cause disconnect and separateness between us behind the curtains. On the contrary, everyone becomes right and successful.

Each one of them alone is not important. We already know quite well that nice programs and energetic slogans will not be materialized. And so the best thing is to bring all of them to a common denominator to unite the political spectrum.

So in general, it will not make a difference to us what each separate political bloc presents separately. The main thing is that they will connect and support each other instead of obstructing the others and blocking the way for them, leaving the nation without anything. It is preferable that each one will get his portion of control without angering the others by working together with them.

Question: So what must happen so that this will be realized?

Answer: This depends upon the people and not the leaders. What is required here is general knowledge, a program of education. After all, we certainly see that otherwise the people will live their lives, and the government, no matter which one it is, will live its life.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/22/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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