Scientific Experiment With The Upper Force

laitman_934We have to recognize that we are egoists. So, if we want to achieve anything in this lifetime, we have to attract the Reforming Light to us. We cannot make any corrections in this world on our own.

The only thing we have managed to do on our own is getting to the final point of our egoistic development. This path is over now. From this point on, we can move only upward. We have hit a wall. All we can do is go up to the next floor. It is possible only with the help of the Returning Light that gives us potential strength that can raise us.

In order to trigger the Returning Light, we have to unite. Let’s sit down and sign an agreement with each other. Let’s remind each other about our agreement every day, even several times a day. We’ll see that it works.

Let’s see how effective the Upper Light is and learn how to attract It. Let’s check what the best way to study and speak is. It is a real laboratory where we as scientists explore and make experiments with the upper force. We come to conclusions and register every single test.

Try it and you will see how best to proceed and how not to behave. It will be clear from the very beginning. The problem is that we don’t have this desire. The Creator purposefully confuses us so that we don’t have a choice. Eventually, we agreed that we have to connect with each other; otherwise, nothing will come out of our experiment. It’s only a psychological barrier, but it is very hard to overcome.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/12/14, Writing of Baal HaSulam

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