The Right to Choose, Part 1

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I would like to know your opinion about the unstable political situation in Israel, which led to early elections. It has become a tradition that the Israeli government does not keep its assumed term. Egoistical play and intrigue are at fault, leading to the collapse of the government coalition.

I would like to understand this phenomenon, because it affects all aspects of our lives and affects everyone’s pocket, forcing us to come up with a few more billion for early elections.

Every government during the election promises to bring our common ship to a wonderful shore, drawing in front of us a wonderful life. But in the end, we feel that this ship is constructed with many separate blocks, where each block draws to itself.

It faces many conflicting interests, and the ropes tying the whole structure together become torn. Such feelings arise in people by causing a sense of insecurity and instability in us.

And this is not a new phenomenon; it accompanies us from the very inception of the state of Israel. Already so many governments have broken down, each time by bringing us to early elections long before they are due.

According to statistics over the 68 years of Israel’s existence, 33 governments and 19 Knesset assemblies have been replaced. The average time spent in power by the Israeli government is less than two years. This is the ruthless display of statistics.

But we do not want to open any political debates here, which are now well underway on all media channels. We just would like to understand the reason for this phenomenon and how we can fix it. How do we provide a captain for our ship who will lead the ship to the sacred shore? What was the cause for such instability in our government?

Answer: The answer is very simple. In the past there was a king put above all of society and the state government. Even though the king had many ministers, they all obeyed him. It was impossible to challenge the decisions of the king since everything he said was sacred.

How did the king make the right decisions?  He got them from heaven. People believed that the king was placed by a higher power and had a direct link with this power. This is how humanity progressed throughout its history, developing society, technology, science, religion, and education. All countries developed according to some program, with some countries becoming more developed than others. The king stood at the head of society, and under him there was the hierarchy of his assistants and courtiers.

Nature moved us along without asking for anything, yet sent everyone all the necessary thoughts and desires. Of course, we were accompanied by problems and wars, but it was all planned by nature and was supposed to happen. All we had to do was to learn from the experience and gradually move towards an understanding of how to make this a more balanced life.

The force of nature sent the king in the direction in which he lead his people and the people followed him. That was the case in all countries, and the people of Israel also went through many tests, all thanks to the higher power. Everything was planned in advance.

We see that in the days of the prophets, the entire process we had gone through was described by them. For hundreds of years before the destruction of the Temple and the people of Israel going into exile, the prophets knew and wrote about it. The Talmud says that even 70 years before the destruction of the Temple, there were signs of its destruction.

Question: Back then, did the rulers of Israel know that what was going to happen?

Answer: Of course, they knew because it was written in the Talmud and in the books of the prophets.

Among other people, the monarchy remained until recently. For example, a king ruled Russia at the beginning of the last century. People were very religious, no matter what group they belonged to within the society. Everything was organized so that humanity existed and acted at the will of the higher power.

This was ongoing until the time came to exercise freedom of will. Freedom lies in the fact that I myself get involved in the program of nature, study it, and realize how I need to change myself, the entire human society, everyone of us, and most importantly, our relationships with each other.

Now it is the duty of every person. Monarchies began to crumble and eventually we come to the fact that today everyone is king! Everyone is involved in a life of society as a separate, independent person that makes decisions.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 12/9/14

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