The Right to Choose, Part 3

laitman_269Once upon a time a country was ruled by a king ruled whose word was law and binding on all without exception. And so it went until the 20th century as mankind progressed blindly following a leader who stood above all and gave orders: left, right, forward, backward. A person did not have freewill; one was just driven forward by blows.

However, the time has come when we were asked to come to an agreement with the program of nature. We must understand it and, according to our free choice, go with it. In this new model of society, each person his own king.

Question: Everyone has their own egoism, and everyone pulls everybody else to their side. It is clear that it is impossible to come to a good result if everyone feels like a king. How can some stability be achieved in this super unstable structure where each is pursuing only their narrow interest, ignoring the others? When we cannot agree with the neighbors, it is not so bad. When this disorder covers the whole country and the entire world, what awaits us next?

Answer: Then we are awaiting disaster unless we provide new education to everybody teaching them about the integrated system so that people understand the world they are in today. After all, they do not know.

Politicians participate in elections while getting ready to run society, but they do not understand modern society or the modern world in which it exists. Not a single person understands this no matter which party one belongs to, from one end to the other. None of them know what kind of world we live in.

Question: How is it possible to run a society in which everyone feels like a king?

Answer: It is very possible if each person will feel responsible for everybody while feeling all high and mighty, like the father of  children. A king is not a villain who sits around all day long and enjoys everything at the expense of the citizens. It is hard work to be a king.

Sometime ago I read about the daily routine of the Queen of England; she does not have a free moment: appointments, meetings, visits to kindergartens, travel to other provinces. She does not belong to herself, but performs her duties. And it has always been this way; we should not think that kings were just entertained at balls , as depicted in novels.

Question: If the people of Israel should serve as an example for the whole world, does it mean that its leader has a very important mission?

Answer: Absolutely. The man standing at the head of the Israeli society must understand the program of creation, program of nature, and lead the people of Israel to the precise match of their place in this program.

This is how it was from the time of construction of the First Temple to the destruction of the Second Temple. At that time the people of Israel had leaders that attained the program of creation, the force acting inside the nature. They felt this higher force, understood it, and worked with it.

When such a person looks at the world, one must see the forces in it that operate the world. One needs to see the overall program under which these forces act in the future for a lot of years to come, until the end of the correction. It is the duty of the leader, and this is why the people of Israel were led by Kabbalists, people with spiritual attainment.

Question: Are there some special qualities that one must possess in order to be such leader?

Answer: Of course. A very simple quality is necessary: to “love thy neighbor as thyself.” That’s all.

Question: What does it mean to love thy neighbor?

Answer: It means that the leader must love others at least as much as oneself. One is obliged to have the property of absolute bestowal.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 12/9/14

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