Burning The Bridges Behind Me

Laitman_514_04The Torah, “Leviticus” (Kedoshim), 19:31: You shall not turn to [the sorcery of] Ov or Yid’oni; you shall not seek [these and thereby] defile yourselves through them. I am the Lord your God.

You mustn’t turn back and draw the past towards you. You must actually burn the past behind you so that there would be no way of making one step backward, because there is a steep slope behind you. You should only move forward.

“The ghosts” refer to your previous dead desires and not to biological bodies that passed away. The Torah only speaks about desires that undergo changes from egoistic desires to altruistic desires. Therefore “turn ye not unto the ghosts” means that you shouldn’t turn to desires that have already been processed. You shouldn’t try to return to the previous pleasures that your desires brought you.

You shouldn’t feel sorry for the best times that are gone when you felt so good while now you feel bad. The only inclination should be forward! Even the current state is always better than the previous one, although in the meantime it may be felt as unpleasant.

A person who ascends the spiritual ladder very often has serious regrets. He begins to torture himself asking himself why he did something, to whom, how and for what reason. We should be very careful of such questions.

We must attribute everything to the Creator. He is the only one who evokes these states in you by managing you, and they are all necessary. You can correct each of them in your feeling only by yearning for Him. Therefore, you must first stabilize everything in you so that at a specific moment, in a specific case, you will attain the best possible state.

If this doesn’t happen, it means that the desires that you feel are not corrected, because if your desires are corrected, you should feel complete rest. Everything is locked on every point on the line we advance along in a very concrete manner.

Question: I am the moderator of the TV program called “The Point in the Heart” in which friends tell about their lives. Some say: “Thanks to the fact that I study Kabbalah, I suddenly realize how badly I have treated my wife and my relatives.”

Answer: This is the past and we shouldn’t think about the past. Memories actually bury a person in the ground and kill him. He begins to live the past. The main point is that he believes that he is the one who did everything that happened, whereas it is the Creator who did everything.

A person’s job is not to delve into such states but to accept them as good and perfect! You should look for what you do in order to somehow correct what belongs to you and how to correct yourself. This is where a person’s clarification with regard to his environment begins.

Question: Do you believe that a person can understand where this stems from?

Answer: It depends on the environment. Such an attitude towards what is happening should float in the air. Then a person will not be able to forget that everything comes from the Creator and will be constantly focused on Him.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 4/16/14

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