Whoever Is Born Today Is Not Responsible For Yesterday

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Does a person need to do some kind of work with disappointment, with his heaviness of heart, or should one simply be sorry and that’s all?

Answer: In general I would not recommend entering or deepening this sorrow, but relating to it with maximal simplicity, as if you don’t remember anything and don’t feel anything of what was. Every day you must be a new person.

It is written, “A fool sits with his hands folded and eats his own flesh.”  “What did I do and why did I behave like this, oh, oh, oh my, ay ay! How badly I behaved, what I have done!” This is foolishness, especially because of your lack of faith in what the sages said, that everything is managed from Above and that the Creator in advance has arranged the results of all of your actions.

So we follow a different line and never look back. Certainly this is not always successful because suddenly thoughts arise about how much harm you caused, what you did, and you begin to eat yourself up. You are given these states intentionally because you must rise above them.

Everything that a person did in the past sinks into the past; everything is done according to the instruction of “There is none else besides Him.” It’s forbidden for you to get involved with this and think that supposedly you could have changed something in the past and brought about other results. Everything went out one hundred percent correctly regarding what had to be; and at the end of correction, it will be revealed how correct this actually was.

Believe me, I have experience; it’s forbidden to think that something in the past depended upon you. Nothing depended upon you! So at every moment, you need to become a new person, “I was born just now; what do you want from me? There is nothing to demand of a newborn.”

You were born and will begin the work anew, clarifying: “Who am I, what am I, and who is this higher power that I must resemble? Ah, so I have a group, how nice! What do I need to do with the help of the group? Connect with them? Okay, I will connect. What for, why, and how do I get that?”

At every moment you begin to clarify from a clean slate, and don’t carry anything from the past with you. At every moment a new Reshimo is discovered within you; so how is it possible to continue something? It has already transformed, just like digested food; it’s impossible to begin to digest it again. You must want to become completely new, like a fetus.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/14/14, Writing of Rabash

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