A Kli For Receiving The Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Rabash writes: This is like the Light and Kli—the suffering that is endured for something is the Kli that can receive Light if he will free himself from the suffering. (From the article, “What Is the Blessing,”…who has done miracles for me in this place in the work.) How can I free myself from suffering even before I receive Light? I thought that the Light is specifically what releases us from suffering.

Answer: The Kli for receiving the Light is not the desire to be filled with pleasure but the desire to feel how others have enjoyment from me. My pleasure is in this. But I don’t work for its sake. Pleasure for me is only an indicator, a means for measuring that I have really attained bestowal to others.

This is called “freeing myself from suffering,” for I have no other thoughts or intentions regarding myself. I am concerned only for what is outside of me; therefore I merit discovery of the Creator.

These sufferings of love are when I am not in the desire to bestow. I suffer from this, and not on my account. If you suffer for yourself, you are found in this material world and are not directed towards the Creator at all. Being directed towards the Creator means that you want to be like Him, identify yourself with Him, and take an example from Him. And to be like the Creator means to think about what is outside of you.

My suffering becomes completely different because it becomes sufferings of love from my lack of ability to bestow to others and from concern that by bestowing to others, I am doing this for my own sake and not for His benefit, meaning not for the sake of bestowal, and without an intention to receive a reward. I demand the power from the Creator to help me to become like Him.

Question: And the Creator always helps in a case like this?

Answer: If you are really asking for this, He must help. You simply have never asked. You only need to want to be like Him, at least somewhat.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/02/14, Writings of Rabash

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