Restrained By Bestowal

laitman_527_03Until the destruction of the Beit HaMikdash (temple), or until the fall from the spiritual level, the people of Israel understood that it was found “under treatment” by the Creator, the Higher Force. This is talking about a force that preceded our reality. This is the power of bestowal and love. And so it created the creatures with an opposite desire, reception.

We cannot be released from this desire. This is because we were created from it; it is our essential “substance.”

But to it we can add an intention to bestow. For this, the wisdom of Kabbalah teaches us how to resemble the Higher Force, which is the bestower. And even though I am “woven” from the ego, from the desire to receive, I acquire a new form for it, a new external expression, an inclination towards bestowal.

In this manner I include within me two forces:

  • My natural receptive force, from which there is nowhere to flee.
  • The force of bestowal, an example of which I receive from the Creator.

I can acquire the power of bestowal from the Creator that will make it possible for me to limit my receptive power and not use it. It is impossible to nullify it because it is me. But I can decide that I won’t activate it on the “speaking” level and will use it only on the levels of the still, vegetative, and animate, only to satisfy the essential needs. I will have food, sex, family, money, respect, and knowledge, but to a particular limit that I myself determine for myself.

And in everything else I act only according to the power of bestowal that I get from the Creator. I develop it more and more, so that next to my beastly body I grow the image of man, Adam, the one who resembles (Domeh) the Creator.

Actually, this power of bestowal, the power of the Creator, has been latent in the people of Israel from the start. It has remained in us since we received it, but now it is concealed. But we can revive it.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 12/25/14

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