The Unity Of The Nation And The Wisdom Of Kabbalah

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the connection between the unity of the Israeli nation and the wisdom of Kabbalah?

Answer: The wisdom of Kabbalah is the same science that allows us to fulfill the unity and the connection between us. In this unity, we begin to feel the forces that operate in creation, in nature, and in reality. We are brought to the revelation of the one force called the Creator, which means “come and see” (Bo-Re), and the revelation of Kabbalah, which includes everything in creation. It explains how we exist and what process we go through in order to go through the beginning of creation to its end in the best and shortest way. Kabbalah tells us about the goal of our life and how to reach the one force, and it gives us the means to fulfill this goal.

The main thing is to acquire knowledge. If we already know how to advance toward the goal and how to use the forces of nature, our success is guaranteed because we are in nature, which is the equivalent to the upper force, the Creator, and we learn how to use this force.

The wisdom of Kabbalah teaches us how to avoid the blows and get closer to goodness, how to perform all our duties in creation and how to attain the goal in the best and quickest way. After all, if it explains to us the whole system of creation and the forces that operate within it, there is nothing else we need.

Question: So, why, according to the system of creation, does it turn out that the whole world should unite against Israel now?

Answer: If the Israeli nation doesn’t fulfill its mission, then the entire world will undoubtedly take the side of our enemies. We see that all the world news channels show the Israeli-Arab conflict only from the perspective of the population in Gaza and never from the Israeli perspective.

They don’t even mention the fact that Israel is under missile attacks and that people are killed. This doesn’t concern them at all. They don’t hide these facts on purpose, but simply don’t feel them and don’t take them into account. They see that, at the same time, 1,500 people were killed in Gaza while, on the Israeli side, only about a hundred, and so they take the Palestinian side.

Question: You say that this is a war between good and evil and not between Israel and Hamas?

Answer: Of course! After all, it is written, “The hearts of ministers and kings are in the hands of God.” Hamas is merely a weapon in the hands of the upper force. The real war, which the prophets call Armageddon, is between good and evil. This war already is taking place in its fullest between the corporeal Israel and the spiritual Israel.

It is our internal war against our ego in which we will clarify whether we really want to ascend above it and control it, or if it will dominate us. It is a war between the forces of good and evil.

There is only one force that operates in the whole world, in all of nature, called the desire to receive. However, there is another desire among the Israeli nation other than this desire to receive, which is the desire to bestow. This makes Israel different from all the other nations due to the force of bestowal that is concealed within it.

Everything depends on whether Israel uses this force of bestowal or not. If it uses the force of receiving and the force of bestowal in a balanced matter, it attains wholeness and peace. However, if the force of receiving is greater than the force of bestowal, Israel feels this corruption according to their level.

The world aspires for a state of balance, and it is Israel’s duty to bring the positive force of bestowal to the whole world, which means to become Light unto the nations, to teach everyone the meaning of love and bestowal upon others. I hope that we finally will begin to engage in this work and understand what our mission is, and that all the disasters are sent to us only in order to bring us to unity and to set an example of unity for the whole world.

This is what the world expects of Israel. The moment the Israeli nation declares that it is starting to fulfill this mission and really wants to fulfill it, the nations of the world will immediately understand it. They suddenly will see that this is exactly what they want of us, which is an example of how to build a corrected world that is properly connected by the love of friends so that all of humanity becomes one whole.
From the program “A New Life” 8/12/14

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