The Constant Struggle Of Life

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: This burning topic of relationships has become vitally important in our time in the ruling circles and their negative impact on society under their leadership.

Governments get replaced, but each time the same situation returns. Only the actors and forces change, but the dynamics remain the same.

There are several main parties striving for power, and they are constantly at war with each other, trying to trip each other. If I beat you today, then all you do from this moment until the next election is try to knock me over.

And so a politician who came to power and wished to make changes conceived by him is unable to do anything because the rest of his opponents are trying hard to make sure he fails.

The next election comes, someone else wins it, and all the other opponents begin to interfere with him and try to trip him up. Everything returns to square one. By this time, the whole country is suffering from the fact that politicians are trying to blame each other within the government. This only hurts the citizens more.

This is our reality today. Why does this endless struggle take place and most importantly, how can one change things for the better?

Answer: It is natural that there is a struggle for power, because we are all egoists. A person who battles through towards the power often times is more egoistic than a simple person, because one rises to this level. In the ruling apparatus, the one or two hundred leaders and several thousand officials are the biggest egoists of all.

Therefore, a very heated and aggressive environment exists in which problems, bribery, and fraud are concentrated. This is natural. This is not a property of any particular country because it happens everywhere. In some countries it is less pronounced, like in Scandinavia, which is traditionally characterized by a rather quiet way of life and socialist values.

The same struggle for power takes place in all other countries of Europe and in America. As countries develop, they become players in the same governmental games. It is like a boiling cauldron that continually boils on top of a strong flame versus simmering over of a low fire.

Question: Let us say we have politicians who have agreed to go to the polls together, and managed to win in a coalition. Prior to that, we had a common interest that held us together. We came to power and were able to have useful reforms. If we continue to work together, at least in this cadence, things will go well.

But it does not work! Despite the general interest to remain in power, we cannot act as partners. There are endless selfish games and intrigues, which do not allow us to achieve any success. Why does it happen?

Answer: These are egoistic games that cannot be avoided. Egoism blazes inside us and demands us to climb higher and higher, walking on other people’s heads to get there. Only in this case, a person feels successful, strong, and special. Therefore, this egoism, still engaged in a struggle, picks a new intrigue without any justifiable reason. This is the life for egoism, otherwise it does not feel itself as living.

Comment: But in the end, it harms everyone, including the one who started the conflict.

Answer: It does not matter. While this intrigue takes place, it fills our lives. Our selfishness incites us to fight, even in situations where there is almost no chance of winning. We become aware that we are at a loss and still keep moving towards the conflict because we cannot stand the quiet life. In everyday reality, there are no jokes and no life. Egoistic struggle, conflicts, and frictions give us a sense of life.

This is why we engage in social fighting as rival mafia clans or as children who fight in the yard. Boys fight all the time, even if they are brothers. Otherwise they do not feel like they are alive. If we force everyone to sit quietly in the corner, then this simply becomes death for these people.

The struggle lies in our egoistic nature, and this is why everyone is susceptible to it, starting with small children up to top politicians.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 12/23/14

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