Emotions And Health

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Studies have shown that the emotional state of a person determines his illnesses. What is the connection between the emotional state of the person and his health?

Answer: There is a direct connection, but there are several parameters that depend upon the general state of humanity. If I were not connected with anyone, I would depend only on what is happening in my desires. By directing my desires to connect with nature, I would be completely healthy and happy.

Question: But how is this connected to emotions? They say that if a person gets upset and is angry, he gets a stomach ulcer. Today experts know how to connect specific emotional states with specific illnesses.

Answer: If I were to depend only upon myself and not the whole world from which I get all kinds of viruses, including emotional viruses, according to my work and behavior with bestowal, I could measure the states of my health. But the reality is that you depend upon everyone. In the meantime, depending on your level, the main thing for you is to relax.

But without a doubt, if you calm down yourself along with the people upon whom you now depend, you will heal the stomach ulcer. After that, depending upon your widening sensitivity, you will begin to feel how much you depend on other people. It could be that the stomach ulcer would partially recur, because you must create the right connection, not just with the people who are closest to you, but with those who are a bit more distant.

And this will continue until you see that you depend on all of humanity and you must create a good connection with everyone. So it is said, Sukkah 52a: Anyone greater than his fellow, his drives are greater, or Berachot 7a: A Tzaddik [Righteous] who suffers. That is how we advance until the general completion of correction.

Question: Can the group influence my state of health?

Answer: The group must and can heal all of its members. If we are included in a single nature in which all of its parts are found in harmony, with this we eliminate all diseases and problems. Disease is the absence of the right connection between cells, between parts, between plus and minus, where all of the materials in the body are not in balance. Health is balance.

Question: For example, suddenly I begin to have a flare up of a stomach ulcer; what do my friends need to do?

Answer: We will draw you to join us in workshops where you will learn to unite. Together, we will pull you to a level where all of us are included. But you must nullify yourself towards us, accept us, and nullify all of your calculations. You are simply like an infant in our hands; you must want to grow up together with us, to be included with us above all calculations. Then you will feel that your stomach ulcer will pass. I promise you that.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 1/26/14

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