Curing An Element Of The General System

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Now we all are rallying around a sick friend. This is evident: thousands of people, men and women thinking and worrying about him. Together with this external expression there is also great internal work that is similar to a prayer in a way because it is very easy for us to hold on to this thought.

Answer: We affect the system we are in by our desires and our intention. All of mankind, everything that is on this planet and beyond it in different forms are elements of this system.

Thus we insert a special signal into it that is focused on one of the elements returning to its minimal balanced human existence. We affect the system this way so that it will have a positive effect on our sick friend. This is a very strong signal. If we keep on working this way, we will see an amazing outcome.

We don’t know and are not aware of the whole system, its plan, and its intentions. We don’t know each one’s fate, meaning each one’s role in this system, but generally speaking, we have to affect it as much as we can so that our friend will be equal to us.

We have to feel the problems of all the others and totally annul them so that we will have no more corporeal or spiritual problems other than attaining complete harmony among us since we are the only ones who are disturbing the harmony of the whole system. This is the reason that we have to summon this state in which the influence of the upper force that operates it is clearly revealed.

The system itself cannot reveal the upper force in it since we are its corrupt element. We have to spur the positive forces that will affect and correct us (in this case, our friend) to match the general harmony. Then we will feel the nourishing upper force in this system that evokes and directs it (the Creator). If we bring the whole system to the state in which the Creator is revealed, then through it we will be able to be in full connection with Him.

Thus our friend is an element that invokes us so that we will connect more strongly among us so that our desires and demands of the Creator, of the whole system, will be collective, identical, and accurately focused. Thus through him we learn how to be connected.

I hope that eventually we will see that he fully recovers. It depends only on our efforts.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/08/14, Shamati #5

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