A Roof That Shelters From Current and Rain

laitman_940Rabash, Letter 36: The matter of S’chach (the covering of the Sukkah) which is called shade is made of the waste of barn and winery. This is the matter that we refer to in our prayer in the Sukkah, “to shelter from current and rain,” which means that a person’s faith saves him from all the damagers. It is because the matter of damagers is the matter of strange thoughts and strange ideas and faith is actually built on such waste materials and only that way is it a shelter from current and rain, since otherwise a person is drawn by the current of this world.

We have to find and attain this state each time when it doesn’t matter to our mind and heart, which means that the “waste of barn and winery” (barn refers to the heart and winery to the mind). These waste materials become so important to us that we raise them above reason by ascending above our thoughts and desires of in order to receive, we work above them and thus build the S’chach (roof) of the Sukkah which saves us from the currents. It seems that these currents come along as if to fail and to weaken us, but in fact they are sent only in order to force us to strengthen the roof of the Sukkah.

Question: Isn’t it dangerous to start behaving like a smart-aleck instead of feeling?

Answer: Of course you have to be smart, but if you examine others with your feelings (heart and your mind) you will surely come up with the wrong answer, because these tools are invalid. Before a person becomes a neutral judge, he cannot examine and assess anything. It isn’t by chance that “Themis” (Lady Justice) judges with her eyes blindfolded.

A judge should be neutral, which means above his own thoughts and desires. He should know how to manage himself or in other words how to be in vessels of bestowal. Only then is it possible to say that such a person can investigate and clarify what is going on, because a judge only has what his eyes can see.

The reason for all the failures in the world is actually because people think that they can be objective. But where can such an objective approach come from if the world is totally immersed in its ego.

Being in a strong group of ten we investigate, clarify things, and make decisions by discussing things among us and trying to ascend together, we begin to look at different phenomena through the prism of the group of ten. This is serious research, although each of us is not yet corrected. But trying to see things through the group of ten helps us advance and brings us closer to the right answer.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/10/14, Writings of Rabash

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