The 72 Recipes For A Wonderful Fate

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: There are many ads that offer the use of the holy names of the Creator in order to change our fate. According to Kabbalah, there are 72 holy names for the Creator, each of which has a special power that can help a person in a certain aspect.

A whole industry has developed around that, including the production of different ornaments and objects. What lies behind all that? What is the secret of the 72 names of the Creator that the wisdom of Kabbalah speaks of?

Answer: A holy name is a recipe according to which one can accurately perform a spiritual action. For example, it is like a recipe for a cake, according to which you can bake a cake just like your mother used to when you were a child. You can taste it and confirm that it is indeed the same cake.

The 72 holy names are a recipe according to which we bake our cake. They instruct us how to advance correctly along the right path to the same fate, to the same goal that we have to attain. We have to reach the last grade in this school, whether we want to or not, and to pass all the exams in order to get our graduation certificate. Only then are we ready for life.

If you take the components of the recipe that are included in the 72 names and perform the stated actions, you will attain a state in which you will be able to manage your fate. This recipe belongs to you and the components are inside you.

It refers to different attributes that you have that have to be connected so that you will get a wonderful cake that bears your name. This will be the result of the ten years of your studying.

Question: Does that mean that I use my mental powers, my inner attributes, and somehow prepare them and bake them together and get a wonderful cake that bears my name?

Answer: Eventually a new person comes out of the oven, and this is your opportunity to manage your fate.

Question: But if I have no recipe, don’t know what components to use and how to prepare the cake properly, is the cake that comes out inedible?

Answer: Unfortunately, this is what we see these days. If we live today without thinking, without knowing the goal, our life leads to nothing good.

The wisdom of Kabbalah doesn’t have only 72 names, but also lots of advice, formulas, and other conditions that one should keep on every level of our advancement. It advises us what we should fear, what to keep away from, and, on the other hand, what we should get closer to and what to fulfill.

A person goes through the whole curriculum, like in different grades in school where one learns many different subjects. Gradually these subjects converge and format a person by allowing him to understand, to see, and to know. He begins to find his way around biology, geography, and history, and gradually all these subjects converge and help him understand nature. Then he will be prepared to study it generally and globally.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 12/21/14

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