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Laitman_083Question: What should I do if I want to change my destiny through the wisdom of Kabbalah? Should I ask this of the Kabbalists who possess such forces?

Answer: First of all, you, yourself, need to learn the wisdom of Kabbalah. A person comes to Kabbalah because he wants to learn about his destiny.

Question: If a person studies Kabbalah, does he get the force to change his fate?

Answer: Of course, not immediately, but over time, he will be able to do this. He studies in order to do this.

Question: And, if I ask another Kabbalist to change my destiny, will he be able to do this?

Answer: No, it is impossible. You need to learn how to change your destiny. A Kabbalist can influence his own destiny but not someone else’s. After all, everyone has to change his own destiny by his own correction.

For this, we exist in this world in order to achieve the desired state by going through all the intermediate stages in our development. We go through this process of development like a child at school who must study. He still will learn, either forced by the rod, constantly getting punishment, or he will be become smarter, will do his homework and graduate with distinction, feeling everyone’s love and enjoying life.

We can conclude from this example that we need to know our entire personal program, as well as the general one, what desired form we need to achieve. Whether we like it or not, we will be obliged to come to it as defined in our destiny.

The fate descends to us from above, like to a child who is not asked whether he wants to go to school or not. He must enter it since there is the law of universal secondary education. However, it is up to you how you will study personally. If you are smart and realize that there is no choice and that you must complete high school, then you try to learn what is required from you at every stage. You try to do all that is necessary, but in the most convenient form.

Alternatively, you might even shorten your time of studying and graduate ahead of time, in seven or eight years instead of ten.

Question: So, the person, himself, must examine the overall program and then will be able to integrate in it better, and if I ask the blessing of a great Kabbalist, how will it affect my life?

Answer: It has only a psychological effect. A Kabbalist cannot affect your destiny, either in a good or a bad direction. After all, he cannot deprive you of an opportunity to apply your own effort; he cannot steal your freedom of choice, your work through which you should change yourself. Similarly, parents cannot do the homework for their child, pass exams, and graduate from school instead of him.

However, a person believes that the blessing of a great man will bring him success. This gives him confidence, like a child who feels confident under his parents’ care, and, since the person calms down, he really recovers, worries less about his problems, and solves them. Therefore, he thinks that the blessing helped him.

However, this is only a psychological effect; it does not change destiny. Only a person himself can change his destiny, everyone due to his own efforts. Only in this way can he change his destiny, advancing from the starting point to the end.

Question: So, in order to change destiny, I must evolve as a person. I, myself, should become acquainted with the plan of development and see my place in it.

Answer: This became possible only in our generation, but not before. In the past, people did not ask about this. They just lived, and that’s all. One hundred or two hundred years ago, only certain wise men, philosophers, or psychologists wondered for what purpose the human being was created.

A person lived, asking no questions. He knew that if his father was a blacksmith, he too would become a blacksmith, and then his son. So, it went on from generation to generation. Everything has changed only recently, in the last few decades.

Question: Does this mean that people are getting smarter from generation to generation and that today we are given opportunities to achieve the same power over our lives that thousands years ago was available only the greatest sages?

Answer: Yes, humanity has evolved so much that today ordinary people are on the same level of development at which two thousand years ago only great sages such as Aristotle, Plato, and so on were.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 12/12/14

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