How Can We Change Our Fate?

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the wisdom of Kabbalah, we study the upper world, how all creation is made, and what forces expand into our corporeal world. In the upper world, there are forces whereas in the physical one, there are objects that are affected by and are the product thereof.

The upper forces are called “roots,” and the lower ones (those manifested in our world) are “branches.” There is nothing else below our world and worse than it. That’s already good.

Everything that happens to us occurs under the influence of the forces that descend to us from the upper world, from the roots. There isn’t anything in our world that wouldn’t derive from Above. Therefore, it is pointless to blame someone for something: each other, other nations, the government, and nature since all of it is governed by the upper forces from Above downward. If we look at the entire picture logically and realistically, we will see that everything comes from Above.

It turns out that any problem we encounter, no matter what it entails, can be resolved only if we ascend to the level of these upper forces and start influencing them. Thus, we will be able to draw a different influence upon ourselves. That is, we will be affected not by the first forces, but rather by some type of their derivatives and the effect we instilled. Only in this manner will we cause changes in our world, and by no other means.

How Can We Change Our Destiny
We tried, over the course of thousands of years by using all kinds of methods and practices, to affect our fate. And we see that it isn’t worthwhile. There is no point for us in appealing to the Creator: He (someone whom we imagine as the Creator) doesn’t hear us. And none of our actions in this world produce any results anyway. In the end, everything takes a course that it was supposed to take.

We, who have lived in this world long enough, see all this very clearly; therefore, we can agree with the wisdom of Kabbalah which states that at the level of our world, there is no solution to anything. Our world is the effect, and all the solutions are at the level where decisions are made: in the upper world.

Thus, namely in our time, when humanity, having arrived at the integral, global crisis, is realistically facing a serious problem, and when everything that is happening to us below is already part of this integral picture, only then do we receive an opportunity to influence these general forces by coming together.

Essentially, we have to affect only a single force since there is only one upper force which simply splits into its multiple sub-forces, the individual forces that impact us.
From Lesson 5 Berlin Convention 1/29/2011

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