The Complicated Path Of Attainment Of The Divine Simplicity

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If everything in our world originates in the upper roots, where do all kinds of artificially invented objects come from, those that do not exist in the nature, such as a vehicle on wheels for example?

Answer: All of nature is a picture that appears in me, and all of it descends to me from Above. In the spiritual world, there are no automobiles, but the notion itself has to exist; otherwise, how would we make it up?

In their obvious form, the roots of the upper world manifest to us as four levels of nature: the still, vegetative, animate, and speaking ones. And the rest come down to us in the form of thought. All our artificial inventions (such as missiles and cars) root in the upper thought and are not a result of our observation of nature. It doesn’t expand in a direct, mandatory manner from Above downward, but rather are invented by man who completes himself with all that he lacks in this world.

The four stages of the Direct Light expand from Above downward, from the world of Infinity to this corporeal world, bringing forth the worlds, Partzufim, Sefirot, and their numerous combinations. And at each degree, everything that is present in the lower one, all its forms, come to it from the upper one, although we think that at the lowest level there may be more developed forms because its lack of perfection requires finding greater diversity and combinations of matter.

Above, in the world of Infinity, everything merges into one whole, in integral oneness. That is how simple it is compared to our complex world. But in essence, this world of ours isn’t the richer one; it simply must divide into such a great number of constituents.

The Complicated Path Of Attainment Of The Divine Simplicity

Below, there are billions of elements of nature: minerals, plants, animals, and man, and in each of them, there are countless multitude of details. But as we climb the rungs of the worlds, we see fewer and fewer of them.

After all, to decode the notion of oneness that exists Above, in Infinity, we need numberless elements that, when put together correctly, can re-create this wholeness in our world. And it is only natural that there is an enormous difference between the upper and lower degrees, in the extent that the lower one is more material and, consequently, requires more detail.

Besides, there is nothing in the lower one which wouldn’t exist in the upper one. Simply, the individual details that get revealed in the lower one are linked as one in the upper one and, hence, are perceived by you as one whole. But in reality, it isn’t just whole. As in the world of Infinity, everything merges into one in its aim to bestowal, and we don’t see any division. However, it doesn’t mean that all these definitions do not exist.

In the world of Infinity, there are countless elements, but all of them are linked into one whole, and therefore, it is called a simple, infinite Light that fills the entire creation. But in truth, it isn’t a “simple” Light of Nefesh, but rather NRNHY de NRNHY (Nefesh, Ruach, Neshama, Haya, Yechida), which is “620 times” greater than what is only perceived as simple.

The lowest degree just gets to know itself in such a “complex” form. We create so many different things in it only due to our weakness since we are unable to attain the upper one otherwise. And when we reach the highest degree, we don’t need all these supplements any longer.

All the abundance of details that I have at my lower degree roots in what I added in order to complete myself relative to the higher degree. But from Above downward, it is the very same elements that keep descending to me.

The same world of Infinity is present in our world. And the entire variety of details that are added by me or revealed to me in nature derives from the fact that I am unable to perceive this “simple” world of Infinity. Everything around me is regarded as the imaginary world. All worlds are merely “disappearing concealments” of the world of Infinity, where there is nothing but desire (the will to receive) filled with the simple Light.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/7/2011, “The Essence of the Wisdom of Kabbalah”

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