Parting With Childhood

Laitman_115_05Two ideologies, Hebrew and Greek, collided in the days of the Maccabees. The first one spoke of the good neighbor, the second one spoke of a person’s benefit at the expense of others.

This conflict is still relevant today. After all, the Jewish approach is not an abstraction; it is a highly specific and practical way for modern times. This is not just a perception of the world, but also are instructions for daily use.

In the days of the Maccabees, these instructions allowed them to win the spiritual war for the perception of the world, for the relationship to nature, to a person, to one’s existence and essence, and most importantly, to the goal of one’s life. The Greeks saw the purpose of life as a material success, a good body, and the Maccabees, on the contrary, intended to raise the spirit for the sake of why a person lives.

Question: Why was the victory of the Maccabees temporary?

Answer: Because there is a program of creation according to which we were supposed to hold out for some time before the destruction of the Second Temple.

In general, throughout history mankind develops in increasing egoism, and the people of Israel developed spiritually from the time of Abraham through Egypt, through the building of the First Temple, and then the throwback occurred from this high spiritual level until the collapse of the Second Temple two thousand years ago; it did not end our tendency to unite for the sake of revelation of the Creator.

With every generation growing egoism increasingly divides us, and today we see firsthand that there are no people as such, but only a collection of exiles.

Everything is built into the program of development of the world. Moreover, it is said that at the end of the twentieth century we begin to work on the integration of the people, where in our unity we reveal the upper force. But it will be a complete deliverance, as we will lead all mankind to follow us.

In general, the term “deliverance” means the disclosure of the upper force. In the course of its development, mankind must form the ability to reveal the Creator (Bore), which means “come and see” (Bo-re). In other words, we need to develop in a particular process until we reach the stage at which we “see” the Creator and will reveal Him in all of the formed sensations.

Having reached this stage, people feel themselves living in a higher dimension, out of the body. The body is there, but its importance is diminished; it disappears. Now people employ different feelings, the feeling of bestowal, love, and unity between them. And then all the small, egoistic feelings related to the animal body, our primitive relationships, gradually come to naught.

Just as we mature, childhood and adolescence pass. Over time, we leave our games and youthful fun in the sandbox.

The same thing goes for the spiritual path; starting the “game” in the upper world, in higher forces, a way out of themselves from the human body, we reveal the super-reality. And then our past, “childish” games fade and dissipate.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 12/14/14

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