A Kabbalistic Book Opens The Upper World

Dr. Michael LaitmanKabbalah is a very important science, which includes all of the other sciences. It explains to a person how to act after we complete our development in this world.

Today we find ourselves in this exact situation, having exhausted our egoistic development that has resulted in a dead end. Therefore, the science of Kabbalah is being revealed so it can help us revive, start a new life, and move to the next level of existence.

All of the achievements of our world cannot help us in this because they act only within this earthly plane. A different science is required in order to rise to the next level and continue this life.

Kabbalah is the science that does not belong in our world. It is designed to put all of humanity in an elevator that takes us to the next floor, where we start a new development. The next floor is not where matter develops and it is no longer part of our world. This is the real development of the feelings and the mind, which relate to our inner feelings and not to the physical body.

This is a kind of development where we gradually lose the sense of our body and begin to exist in another dimension where there are no bodies. We do not feel them because they disappear from our perception. We no longer need physical bodies because we act in inside our feelings and mind without the involvement of this crude matter of the body.

This approach seems incomprehensible to an ordinary person, even though our imaginations are rather developed thanks to Hollywood and science fiction novels. All this did not appear by accident, but in order to prepare us for the wisdom of Kabbalah and to be able to understand its wisdom.

Therefore, Kabbalists kept Kabbalah a secret for as long as mankind needed for all generations to be ready for it. Kabbalah was revealed 5,775 years ago for the first time by Adam, the first Kabbalist.

All the thousands of years from that time until our generation, Kabbalists kept the wisdom of Kabbalah a secret only within their inner circle and did not widely disclose their knowledge of it. This was similar to my parents not wanting me to read their medical books as a child because they were too advanced for my age.

Kabbalists are the scientists that study this science, attain what it says, and  learn how to use it, while at the same time looking for people in their environment suitable for such study. And if there was such a person, they quietly tested him, talked to him about life in a philosophical kind of way in order to find out whether he was ready and interested in such things. If they saw a man inwardly mature and attracted to the topic, then they started to teach him.

So the wisdom of Kabbalah was passed down from generation to generation. The Kabbalists also wrote books in secret. And even if they did not hide the books, the Kabbalistic text was encrypted in such a way that a person could not understand it if one did not have the proper code, that is, if a person does not know how to relate to the book, what it talks about, how it associates with a person, and the true meaning when this world and the next world are mentioned.

Kabbalistic books are written in the language of branches pointing towards the spiritual roots, but a person thinks that it talks about this world. But, this is not about the plane of this world and a person within it. We are talking about higher powers, not material things.

If the Kabbalists would not have given us the key to the correct reading and understanding of this science, even by opening the book, a person would still not understand what they read. A person would have thought that Kabbalah talks about animals and plants. Some words that have been used are “intercourse, hug, kiss, a female and a male force, and childbirth.” One may think that this is some kind of sensuality.

Then the book speaks of heaven and earth, spirits, demons, angels, and different spiritual forces. Ignorant people who come across these books would build a whole mystical theory around this. I have heard such stories about Kabbalah and I wondered how this particular man could fantasize so much. But these people seriously believe what they say about Kabbalah, using different names from The Book of Zohar.

If a person does not receive knowledge from a decent Kabbalah teacher who gives one all of the keys to this science, one will not be able to correctly open and understand the book. This will only confuse a person. “To open the book,” means to be connected to what is written within it. To each person, the book should be an open world, the upper world.
From the program “A New Life” 12/18/14

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