A Perfect Language

dependsonus The picture of this world has to last throughout the entire process of our spiritual advancement until the World of Infinity. Our correction is possible only under the condition that we perceive the reality of this lower degree, our world.

We must continually attain roots that are above the picture of our world which we now perceive. This picture doesn’t change; it’s only that its roots become higher or deeper, meaning that we attain the Creator (the root of our desires) to a greater extent.

The picture we now see is just His branch that is depicted by our desires on the background of His desires. The world is the picture of our desires’ dissimilarity to Him.

Through the process of attaining, our language doesn’t change either, because the picture of the lowest world doesn’t change. We speak the same words regardless if we are on the first level, in the middle, or at the end of the path. Kabbalists don’t have any other possibility of communicating with each other besides “the language of branches.”

The lowest state is the same for everyone, and the connection from the branch to the root extends from the World of Infinity through the same line which we continue from one world to another, through all 125 levels and in all 613 desires.

Thus, we can talk about any desire on any of the 125 levels by taking the corresponding name of the branch from this world. This is why Kabbalists chose “the language of branches” – because it remains invariable along the entire path of spiritual advancement. It is a perfect language, and if we only knew the connection between the root and the branch, we would be able to understand it.


  1. Dear Master: I have just found your community, and am delighted to find so many dispositions which are congruent with what I have so far discovered ‘along my path’. I am especially delighted that knowledge (the tree of knowledge, normative thinking) is not the attainment which is sought within the life experiences you describe as being the spiritual quest. I have already asked many questions prematurely, but please excuse if you will this conjecture, although I may be a little premature and eager for knowledge over attainment here. But that said, would it be possible to answer a question.? When you speak of the language of branches, are you speaking of analogy, or to be more specific metaphorical thinking of some sort. If the answer is yes, would this imply the personableness of the language, the expression of what cnanot be put into words, and thus explain the difficulty in orderstanding it as expressed by others, of that inward personal personal experience of the creator, although, through one’s own degree of attainment, a similar experience may be reached and possibly intuited within the language of another. (Please excuse the clumsiness in the words I have just expressed. Thank you.)

  2. Dearest Dr. Liteman, Itogether with my monozygotic identical twin brother, Peder Andrew Andersen Elder, we have found the Kaballah to contain verification of our spiritual advancenent thus far as well as the exciting truths that are comming clearer now. We have absorbed lessons 1-16 taught by Tony Cosavic ? Forgive my spelling if not correct. Speaking for myself, Erik, I felt it necessary to view the lessons many times as my understabding of mathematics hampers me, and in soing so have some concern that I may have slipped back to the will to recieve, is a regression like this possible? I want to thank you on behalf of my twin and me for faithfully shephearding we gentiles into these glorious realizations, Sincerely, Erik and Peder Elder

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