What Hides Behind The Screen Of This Reality?

Our I Is Outside of Us! A question I received: I understand that The Zohar doesn’t talk about our world. But how can we use the desires it describes in our daily life?

My Answer: The Zohar talks about our world also. It’s just that you imagine our world in the form of earthy images, like images on a computer screen, whereas The Zohar talks about the forces that create this picture inside you. Gradually, by reading The Zohar, you will begin to understand yourself and the world as a projection of the Upper Forces (or Qualities).

Seeing the connection between the picture and the forces that depict it allows you to understand the Creator of this movie, His plan, and Him. You come to understand Him from within yourself as you reach unification with Him.

Furthermore, even in your daily life you should try to think about the same thing, and that way you will gradually attain an uninterrupted, clear connection between this world or this reality and its Maker, the Creator.

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