How Do You Get Into The Spiritual World?

Einstein on Religion In one of his articles, Baal HaSulam explains that “habit becomes second nature.” So what should we get used to while reading The Book of Zohar? We are becoming accustomed to using The Zohar as a tool through which to constantly imagine ourselves in spiritual space, which is operated by Lights and desires, instead of seeing the false picture of this “external” reality.

We force ourselves to go deep inside qualities, the realm of forces and vectors that create a picture on the “computer screen.” We don’t close ourselves off in this superficial picture, but penetrate deeper, into the desires and qualities that create it.

Therefore, our work lies in making the efforts to developing the habit of feeling that we are in the realm of forces, desires and qualities, and of seeing reality only through them. Then we will really be reading The Book of Zohar.

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