One Who Ascends Connects All The Worlds Inside Him

bestowal A question I received: Why did Rabbi Shimon write The Book of Zohar allegorically, concealing the fact that it’s talking only about the connection between the Light and the desire?

My Answer: Did he really conceal anything? Think about how the book Tree of Life by the ARI begins: “Know, that before the worlds were emanated and the creatures created, an Upper Simple Light had filled the entire reality.” And then a point of desire appeared and proceeded to develop until the worlds and everything inhabiting them emerged from that point.

There is nothing other than the will to receive Light, and the Light. Everything else is a development of the connection between them, where the Light remains invariable and the desire changes in likeness to the Light. This connection is the subject described in the science of Kabbalah and particularly, The Book of Zohar.

If a person is on a spiritual level, then he sees the connections between our picture of the world and his spiritual level. He sees how forces and qualities descend from the Upper Level to the lower one, which we all see. All the names of qualities and forces on all 125 levels above our world remain the same as the names in our world, but when he reads each name, he sees its roots instead of the material objects.

When one acquires a screen and enters the spiritual world, passing the Machsom, one begins to reveal the source of everything that happens in our world. One sees the picture of this world and how it is projected inside him from a higher level, as well as how it divides into levels: still, vegetative, animate, and human.

This vision enables him to automatically name all the forces and qualities of the Upper World using the names of material objects, since they are the materialization of the Upper Forces that descend into this world.


When one finds all the connections between this world and his spiritual level, he ascends to the following, higher level. Meantime, this world remains unchanging and keeps the same form. On the new level one continues to search for the connections between the roots (qualities on the spiritual level) and their projection in this world. The search comes down to correcting one’s qualities; to the degree one corrects them, one sees a clearer picture of the Upper Level. Once he discerns all the forces, qualities, and connections, he completes that spiritual level and ascends to the next one.

Even though this process may sound monotone, it is actually enthralling, like an extraordinary discovery. The picture of this world remains the same until one reaches the complete correction (Gmar Tikkun), where he ascends to a state in which everything unites into one. All the forces, Lights, and desires unite into a single whole and one is fully united with the Creator.

When a person sees the connection between this world and the last, highest level, he connects two opposite axes: himself below and the Creator above. Thus, he attains the state of adhesion with the Creator and total equivalence to Him. Stated differently, one reaches the World of Infinity.

All the desires – whether the uncorrected desires of our world, or the most corrected ones, as well as all the pictures and images will turn into one unified reality called “The Creator and His Name are One.” There will be just one single desire, HaVaYaH.

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