Freedom Lies In Expanding Our Point In The Heart

infinity A question I received: You said that while we are reading The Book of Zohar we need to search for definitions of each word inside us. But what should I do when I have times when nothing comes together?

My Answer: A person should accept everything as given to him from Above – both the worst and the best. It is written, “Man should be thankful for the bad as well as for the good.” Suppose I now feel that my feelings and my mind are blocked. I am confused in my feelings and thoughts, I can’t orient myself, and the words just don’t connect. When this happens, I should be like a little child who always observes adults, not understanding what they are doing. He just looks at the adults and learns by example. In fact, every adult is an example for him, showing him what to do to become similar to adults.

Every state I go through contains ten small Sefirot, along with all the information about all my future states. In order to develop, all I need is to add more matter or desire, similar to how a drop of semen develops.

Therefore, I am able to yearn for what’s written in any place in The Book of Zohar while being in any state. Each state includes everything, and my smallest ten Sefirot contain all the internal definitions, even though I don’t even know what and where they are.

Everything I read in The Zohar and in all Kabbalistic sources, and everything in general exists only inside me and not in any other place. Everyone around me and the entire world are inside me.

However, what The Zohar talks about is of utmost importance, because it talks about one of my spiritual degrees – a state in the Upper Dimension. And this is what I most want to feel inside me.

This state becomes revealed by itself to the extent of my yearning for that state and my desire to reveal it. In addition, it doesn’t matter how well I am able to recognize it; what’s important is my desire to reveal it.

This is how infants grow, moved by their desire. They don’t think about any inner definitions and they don’t try to find them. They have nothing but Nature’s force of development instilled in them, their huge desire to grow. However, in our spiritual development this does not happen by itself as with infants; it depends on our freedom of choice. Moreover, our only freedom of choice is to develop this desire to grow in spirituality.

If I don’t have a burning desire to reveal and discover within everything I read in The Zohar, and if I don’t have a tireless yearning to recognize things as an infant, it is a sign that I didn’t receive it from my friends. Nature gave me just the point in the heart and that’s it. I won’t have any more awakening except that initial drop that I received.

Besides this initial tiny desire, I have to get all the other desires from other people. The fact is that these desires are not foreign – they are mine. I just need to recognize that they are mine; I have to connect to them and attract them to me.

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