A Spring Of Live Water

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can we logically explain to people that connection is the single solution to all problems?

Answer: Clearly, unity between people gives them strength. On this principle the army, political parties, or any other organization is built. A few people that unite together receive strength, especially nowadays.

Even in the days of slavery, the association of the slaves was feared. Every country is afraid arising associations. If more than a hundred people connect, immediately they are checked to see what is happening there, what they are doing, and what their plans are. It is necessary for the public security.

But by connection between us, if it is the correct connection, we begin to feel that there is some source of force, mind, a new feeling. We need to make an effort to feel it ourselves, but we are neglecting it. If I don’t receive awakening from the center of the group, a lifting of spirit, a feeling of warmth, love, an increase of the feeling of feeling and mind, then I am not connected to it.

Just as I need to eat something every few hours, so I need to feel the appetite and hunger to come to the group and receive nourishment from it. I don’t have to come physically to the group, but I must feel its center, from which from I yearn to fulfill myself.

If you still don’t see and feel what the profit is from the connection, it’s a sign that you still have to work on it. Even the greatest Kabbalist cannot exit himself if he retreats to some hidden place. He must be connected with at least a few students equal to or greater than him so that inside the connection he will find feeling and mind from a higher degree.

Every time he will progress like that, otherwise he will not have life. He will stop in place and die because life must renew all the time.

Therefore, when we come to people and help them connect, we need to teach them how to reveal the source of live water in order to be able to drink from it, from the center of connection between them. As a result of that, they will receive the spirit of life. They will start to feel that they lack it, like a little child that suddenly needs his mother, runs and clings to her, and then again he runs back to his games. Like that we need to show people the source of life.

You should feel at the time of the workshop and different actions that in the connection between you there is a new inner excitement, a sharper feeling of joy, and deeper meaning that makes it possible to reach a new clarification of the current state and the next state that is suddenly revealed.

If at a time of connection with friends such a special feeling is not awakened, it’s a sign that you did not reach any connection. We have to reveal it in ourselves and to teach others, because in it is the source for joy, liveliness, the force of life, and for us it’s also a source for clarification, because only feelings are not enough for us, we also want to clarify these states and participate in them consciously “to awaken the dawn” ourselves.

Therefore, this spring that we reveal in the center of the group is the source of force for spiritual progress. And for the people, it is the source of confidence, pleasant feeling, more correct observation toward the attitude inside the family, children, education, etc., meaning the source of their lives.

This is a very special point. I must find the source of force, the source of life, the source of mind and energy for myself, and suddenly I see that the way becomes clearer and my state stabilizes in the correct direction. I acquire strength and stability. All of this I receive from the center of the group.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/21/14

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