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The role of the Jewish people, its goal, motivation, concept, and philosophy of life—is unity for the sake of discovering the Creator.

At first, this desire was awakened among a few Babylonians 3600-3800 years ago. It came from the Creator and it is not by chance that only a few were awakened.

Nowadays, this is discovered in the same way among a few and “bypasses” the others. Specifically to this is connected the concept of the “chosen people.”

First of all it is important to understand here that this is not talking about some kind of “national preference.” Initially, people who came out of various peoples and tribes united around Abraham.

Since then, essentially the Jews have not been a people in the traditional sense. People become the people of Israel (ישראל) only on condition that they yearn “Yashar-El” – ישר-אל (straight to the Creator), meaning, only if they want to discover the Creator.

Everyone Can be Chosen

Question: Does this mean that every person in the world, if such a desire is awakened in him, can join the people of Israel and be called “chosen”?

Answer: Yes, certainly. Such a person joins a group of people who directly yearn for the Creator and aspire to discover Him in a unique connection between them.

Today most of the inhabitants of Israel don’t know about their mission, that they must become a “Light to the nations,” i.e., transmit this method to the whole world by accepting among them everyone in whom this desire is awakened.

Throughout the generations many people who belonged to other tribes and peoples joined in this way to a group called the “people of Israel,” for example, Onkelos or the parents of Rabbi Akiva and many others. In other words, there were many like these who came from other peoples and stood as leaders of the people of Israel.

Immersion into Humanity

Question: But why are the Jewish people considered to be chosen even today when they are far from their original idea?

Answer: Because this task, this mission, doesn’t pass from one people to another. It maintains its original conditions.

There was a time when a strong desire burned to attain mutual connection and in it to reveal the Creator. They were actually ready to realize this role.

And after that, throughout history they passed through a multitude of stages and fell from the high level that required their connection, breaking away from this message, from this goal, and severed the intentional purposeful development leading to a mutual connection for discovering the Creator.

This happened because for a particular time they needed to be under the influence of the forces of separation, to feel the “heaviness of heart” directed against unity, where the goal was concealed until it was completely forgotten.

Only in this way was it possible to acquire the means required to work with the whole world and pave the way for them towards unity with the Creator. This is the reason that the Jews were scattered over the face of the earth and lost their original idea. First they had to discover the immense desire, the “tough temperament” latent in humanity infused with materialistic needs, and immerse into other cultures in order to serve the people correctly after this during their movement towards the goal.

This period of exile that ends in our day, “by definition,” had to be long.  It continued for two thousand years and was known in advance. And about its end, it was said that from the year 1995 the concept of being “chosen” and the discovery of the Creator in the general mutual connection would be reawakened.

This stage is being revealed and opened in front of us today. It might not be as fast as desired, but it is a historical process that is directed from above and has its own rate, its own milestones, and all kinds of situations along the way.

The Return of the Chosen

In any case, even though we don’t know all the details, we see that the concept of uniqueness lives in the Jewish community. Similar claims of other peoples are connected to conceit, arrogance, the rule of force, and other characteristics of mutual antagonism.

But with us, being chosen was based upon an opposite perception from the start: We must serve as an example of unity that is imperative for humanity today. It is unity that leads us to the discovery of the force of bestowal and love, which is the Creator.

The previous era ended with the twentieth century. The people revived their nation, and now we must return to it the inner essence, that foundation that makes it a people: unity. Moreover, the unity is directed Yashar El (straight to the Creator), based on “You shall love your friend as yourself.”

This is what must be discovered now in the people of Israel and to reform it as the “chosen people” upon whom a particular task is imposed.

In accordance with this, even the external pressure again indicates that we are a unique people who are going along a unique historical path.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 12/28/14

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