The Good Example That The World Is Waiting For

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: During the war, unity, solidarity and a common fate were felt among the people of Israel. But what were we missing in order to truly unite the people; many people didn’t feel themselves as part of the general whole?

Answer: The Jewish people were assembled around Abraham our father, who called for love and connection from representatives of all the nations of the world. At that time, when we succeeded in connecting, uniting, and living according to the law of love, we began to be called the “people of Israel.”

But we then fell from this state and distanced ourselves from the principle of connection as one person with one heart. From the height of love, we fell into hatred. With this, we awakened hatred from the whole world towards us. And the sources of all the nations of the world, from which we emerged, were awakened in us when we came into the group of Abraham.

So it is not surprising that today we don’t want to be the people of Israel in the land of Israel, meaning connected according to the law of love. We hate ourselves, we don’t love our people, our nationality, our belonging to Judaism, and we want to be freed from it. This desire is present in everyone, openly or secretly.

In every Jew there are physical sources from the seventy nations of the world and there is also a spiritual source. Now we must awaken this spiritual source. It is possible to do this only through the wisdom of Kabbalah, which explains to us the entire system: from where we came, why we exist, how we must connect with each other, and how we receive that higher power which is one and will therefore make a single system from us.

We must provide an example to the world of how it is possible to live together with a collective love. The world expects this and is ready to learn from us. See how everyone feels that they depend upon us by blaming us for all the problems and troubles? So come, let’s present a good example to the world so that with it they will create peace and tranquility.

There is no preference for the people of Israel over the rest of the people. On the contrary, we must become the teachers and the Light to all the rest of the nations. And so everyone agrees with our enemies who are bombarding us with missiles. These are like the plagues in Egypt that are awakening us to depart from this state of exile.
From the program “A New Life” 8/14/14

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