If You Are Asleep, Wake Yourself Up

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can the people of Israel manage the realization of the system of attaining love for others if today, in my opinion, it is really behaving the opposite way?

Answer: It makes no difference how the people of Israel are behaving today. However, nobody else except for them can realize this method. This is because there is a spiritual gene in these people, a Reshimo (reminiscence) of that spiritual state in which it already existed at some time. Love of others is the same spiritual state. The spiritual world is love.

Question: Why don’t we feel that we have this spiritual gene in us?  Why is this state so concealed from us?

Answer: This is because we have fallen from the spiritual state of love of others to unfounded hatred, and we feel only that. If I get into an argument and quarrel with someone I love and begin to hate him, will I remember the love that was? At this moment, I am ready to kill him. And with the passage of time I will relax and love him again, forgetting about my hatred.

But this spiritual Reshimo is concealed within us and only needs to be awakened. For this, we were given a method that makes it possible.

Question: Is the latest war designed to awaken this spiritual gene in the people of Israel?

Answer: The war awakens us, but in a very difficult way. Whereas we could awaken ourselves if we begin to realize the method of Kabbalah: We open a book and begin to learn who we truly are, what the nations of the world are demanding from us, and what our duty is to the world, to all of humanity.
From the program “A New Life” 8/14/14

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